John - Australia John - Australia

Module: Next Generation: Digital Animation (Digital Animation is available in 2016)

Year: 2014

What was your favourite thing about living in Norwich?

Norwich is the perfect balance between a modern city and one with heritage and a tight-knit and vibrant community. On the one hand there’s a vast range of cafes and places to shop but on the other, castles, medieval buildings and the warmth of people living in Norwich add a charm that I have never felt in any other city. It’s a city of beauty – an ideal city.

What did you like most about your chosen module?

The best thing about my module, Next Generation: Digital Animation, was being exposed to people who work in the field – the instructors are dedicated, are the best at what they do and impart not only knowledge but their enthusiasm for the subject matter, further driving you to excel and do more. There was never a dull moment: each instructor had their own strengths in regards to animation and always shared everything they knew without reserve. They assist whenever required and support you in every way possible.

How did you find the experience of studying with students from all around the world?

To study with students from places as diverse as Korea, Spain, Switzerland and the U.S. was an unforgettable experience. Everyone had unique personalities and led different lives, meaning that every day was a day of learning, surprise but also bonding and fostering interpersonal connections. Importantly, studying with such a diverse group also emphasised similarities: it’s a small world and it is inspiring to see that despite differing cultures we became so close.