Gulnur - Russia Gulnur - Russia

Module: Contemporary British Theatre

Year: 2013

Why did you choose to study at the University of East Anglia?

Firstly, UEA is in a very picturesque Norfolk. Norwich is very beautiful, has a great history, but is also very modern at the same time. Secondly, the campus is absolutely amazing: huge territory, cute rabbits, various sport facilities, art gallery and even a lake. The campus is very relaxing and quiet, but very well equipped. And not the least, UEA has a good reputation and 50 years of history.

What were your favourite things about living and learning at the University of East Anglia?

The campus, I think. It has everything you may need but at the same time is very quiet and relaxing. It is good when you need to concentrate on the subject and when you want to have a rest, everything is there.

How has the International Summer School scholarship helped you?

It was a good motivation to come to UEA and determined my final decision about attending the programme. The scholarship covered the additional costs of the trip to London as part of the Contemporary British Theatre module. The trip helped to see and know more during my stay in UK.