Emma - Australia Emma - Australia

Module: Contemporary British Theatre

Year: 2013

What did you enjoy about studying at the University of East Anglia?

UEA has an amazing atmosphere. I immediately felt welcomed, and everyone was willing to help – whether it be about visas or which are the best bars in Norwich! The campus is gorgeous, and the size of the campus (much, much smaller than my university at home) definitely helped with the close-knit vibe of the university.

What did you like about your chosen module?

I was studying Contemporary British Theatre, and as theatre has been a love of mine for years the opportunity to experience theatre in its birthplace of London’s West End was mind-blowing. Our module lead helped facilitate intelligent, intriguing and eye-opening discussions about British theatre traditions, the specifics of the plays we were seeing, and theatre’s place in the world today. We had fantastic opportunities that a regular London tourist would not be able to experience, thanks to UEA’s many, many connections to people in the theatre industry, including having a drink in the green room of the National Theatre on Southbank! It was a wonderful way of studying theatre that really utilised the fact that we were in England.

What would you say to a student who is thinking about applying to the programme?

Don’t hesitate! Any nerves or fears will be wiped out on day one, and it will make the whole experience so much more valuable and amazing. This was the first time I’d travelled by myself and I’d never been so far from home either, I definitely had my moments of cold feet before I left. But the people are so lovely, the classes so invigorating and inspiring, and the all-round culture of UEA is so warm and positive and welcoming; that you’ll forget why you ever doubted it in the first place! Just be prepared to start saving for plane tickets when you get back home – you’re going to have great friends all over the world once you leave. ISS was definitely the best I’ve done with my life so far – culturally, educationally, emotionally, and personally.