Elaine - Canada Elaine - Canada

Module: Future Medicine

Year: 2013

What did you enjoy about studying at UEA?

There were so many things I enjoyed about studying at UEA: the campus is beautiful and really accessible, the professors are very friendly and excellent at teaching their subjects and the school has a great reputation and great resources. I would have to say, the very best thing about UEA, however, were the people! From the students in the International Summer School, to all of the great Ambassadors, to the wonderful organisers; they were the ones who really made studying here great!

What did you like about your chosen module?

The Future Medicine module I studied used a technique of instruction called “Problem Based Learning” which I had never done before. It involves deconstructing a problem with the group and then assigning specific areas of research to each member, and in the follow-up week “microteaching” your topic to the rest of the group. This was a really novel way to approach learning, and I found it very useful and engaging. Using PBL helped me to learn actively, and really understand what I was learning because I had to explain it to others. It was an excellent way to make a very broad topic much more manageable to grasp.

What would you say to a student who is thinking about taking part in the programme?

DO IT, DO IT, DO IT!!! Honestly, come with an open mind, be willing to just go where the wind takes you and you’ll get so much out of those 4 weeks. You’ll gain invaluable academic skills, meet fantastic, interesting people, and gain such perspective of your own life that you’re guaranteed to come back home an even better version of yourself.