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UEA is a campus based university with a student population of 16,000 and is home to more than 4000 International and EU students from over 120 countries. You can meet our staff and students at various events around the world and in the UK. 

Meet your ambassador Meet your ambassador

Japanese Student Ambassador

Hello! My name is Shu. I’m the new Japanese student ambassador of UEA, and I’m here to help fellow Japanese students who are coming to, or are interested in coming to, UEA. In this testimonial, I’d like to talk about three things I love about this university. But first, here’s a little bit about myself.

I lived in Tokyo for 18 years until I moved to the UK in 2014. Before that, I was initially in a university in Tokyo where I studied law. But shortly after, I realised that I hated studying law! I decided to quit the university and come to UEA to study International Development which I have been deeply interested since I was in my high school. While there were several universities that I was considering apply to, I chose this university in the end because it had a fantastic worldwide reputation for the subject.

In my first year in the UK, I did a foundation course at INTO UEA, and then studied International Development with Economics with Overseas Experience for my undergraduate degree at UEA. I am now completing my master’s degree in Development Economics.

I have been at UEA for more than 4 years now, and I have had a truly wonderful time. I can make a list of things I love about this university, but here’s my top three.

First, unlike most Japanese universities, every student has their own academic advisor. Once you become a student of UEA, one of the professors from your course will be assigned to be your personal academic advisor. You can arrange a meeting with your advisor anytime and as often as you like if you have any questions or need any advice. Personally, I have had many meetings with my advisor, and he helped me tremendously with various things such as how to tackle assignments, which modules to take, and even my career. It is always helpful to talk to someone who is a professional in the field of your study and it is also nice to have a close relationship with a professor.


Another thing I love about this university is the variety of societies and clubs. There are more than 200 societies and clubs as of 2018 and the number is increasing each year. Joining them, in my opinion, is the best way to make new friends, and discover and deepen your interests. I have been a member of the UEA Lacrosse club for 3 years and I can say with confidence that it was one of the best decisions I’ve made. It didn't only help me make hundreds of new friends, but also helped me improve my English significantly.

Finally, you can’t talk about UEA without mentioning its beautiful campus. It encompasses a rich ecosystem with more than 5,700 species. One of my favourite things to do on campus is to go for a walk and watch rabbits digging holes and squirrels climbing trees. Also, I sometimes go to a farm on campus where you can interact with ponies and donkeys. This really helps me relax and take the pressure of studying off my shoulders.

Studying abroad is very exciting, but I also remember that I was daunted by the idea of going to a foreign country and living there for a few years without my family. It might not be easy at first, but UEA offers various kinds of thorough support for international students to help them settle and integrate with the culture. International student ambassadors are also here specifically to help fellow international students. I’ll be more than happy to answer your questions and help you have the best experience at UEA.

Please don’t hesitate to email me to ask any questions you may have.


And don't forget to have a look at our Facebook page where you can send me a message to ask questions or to see lots of information about UEA.


You can also read our Japanese student ambassador blog in Japanese.


I’m looking forward to hearing from you and hope you’ll join us.

Thank you for reading.



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Visit Visit

Visits and Events

Meet Serena, a UEA graduate, at either of two events on 28 and 29 September. Serena says:

I am a former UEA undergraduate with a BA in International Development and Social Anthropology and Politics with Overseas Experience. I chose UEA because of the school's well-known reputation in development and the Development Work Experience (DWE) course, allowing me to gain crucial fieldwork experience in rural India. Since graduating, I have been part of the Japan Overseas Volunteer Cooperation scheme and worked for the World Food Programme in Tanzania as a JICA volunteer. I truly feel UEA has helped to build a solid foundation for my development skills, which has proved to be an important asset in my work. I start work with World Vision in Tokyo as an Emergency Relief Coordinator from September 2019.

BEO mini-fair - Tokyo

Date and time

28 September 2019

14:00 - 17:00


BEO Tokyo Office, Shinjuku

5th floor Forecast Shinjuku South Bldg,

4-3-17 Shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku,

Tokyo, 160-0022, JAPAN Tel +81 (0)3 5367 3315


British Council: Development Studies/International Relations/Peace Studies campaign - Tokyo

Date and time

29 September 2019

13:00 - 17:00 (seminar presentation and institution stands)


British Council, 1-2 Kagurazaka, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo, Japan,

Tel: +81(0)3-3235-803



Meet Ms Charlotte Richardson, International Officer, in your country at the following event:

Study UK Exhibition - Tokyo

Date and time

19 October 2019

12:30 - 18:00


UDX Gallery, 4F

Akihabara UDX

4-14-1 Soto Kanda



If you are planning a trip to the UK, why not come and pay us a visit?

The University offers Open Days and Campus Tours throughout the year. Our tours are geared towards giving international visitors the opportunity to experience our unique surroundings and first-class facilities. 

See what life is like on our campus and in Norwich and Norfolk.

Student Stories Student Stories

Japan: Shohei - MA Applied Translation Studies

Hi, I am Shohei Yamaguchi and I studied MA Applied Translation Studies from 2015-2016. I am now working at a Norwich-based company as an in-house translator.

I decided to study translation at MA level when new translation standards were approved.  An MA degree in translation is recognised as a universal qualification for professional translators. The reason I chose to study in the UK was because I could complete an MA in a year and I didn’t want to go for longer without an income. The modules UEA provided were well-balanced between academia and practice, from translation theories and outlines of current translation industries to translation software, necessary for translators. However, practising your translation skills outside the classroom is indispensable and the work experience module gives you this opportunity.

Norwich is the ideal location to travel to London to look for work.  It is just two hours by train.

It is important to travel and spend time for leisure as long as you can, but how much you strive will change your life and results after a year. The more you become hungry and active, the bigger rewards you get at the end of your study.


初めまして。2015~2016年、MA Applied Translation Studiesに在籍していた山口翔平と申します。現在はノリッチで、社内翻訳者として働いでいます。




Japan: Yukari - Education and Development

Name: Yukari Iwama

Years studied at UEA: 2015-2016

Subject Studied at UEA: Education and Development

Favorite Memory of UEA:

-I enjoyed close communication with lecturers, which contributed greatly to academic growth. Because lecturers of UEA were all very supportive, I often discussed with them about my idea when I worked on essays and presentation of coursework. Feedback of coursework also led to my deeper understanding of learning and expands my perspective.

- It was also great for us to have many opportunities to think about future career. Some lecturers often set talk session with alumnus and practitioners working in development field. We were also provided various practical seminars and workshops by external lecturers. Through taking these opportunities, I could find out my core pillars to decide future career, which were humanitarian emergency affair and education and child protection in emergency.

- Another my favorite memory of UEA is spending fun time with friends, which always relaxes me and energizes me. Having coffee and eating dinner with course mates and flat mates, joining bible, going for pub crawl…all these things relived stress from intensive study. Since everyone has very different background, I always made a new discovery in conversation.

Current career: Program Officer of HEA (Humanitarian & Emergency Affair) Unit, Program/Operation Dept., World Vision Japan

Advice to prospective students:

I think UEA is the best place if you want to study in a cosmopolitan environment with colleagues who have various backgrounds. Discussion from various perspectives and safe atmosphere which respects the view of each student can expand each student’s view.

Regarding academic learning skills, I’d advise the basic skills of academic writing and reading of academic journals. Even though UEA provide many academic supports, I saw some international students had difficulties to get used to the practice of academic English in early stage after the first semester begun. In my case, learning in INTO pre-master course helped me a lot to follow the lectures and seminars at early stage.

Advice to current students:

Since I did not have any experience in Development field, I was overwhelmed the broadness of the field. Narrowing the focus of interest through daily reading, lecture and seminars, coursework and dissertation helped me to decide the direction of future.

I think it is important to get various supports which you can get. Not only academic support which university provide but also supports from colleague are very meaningful. In my case, I shared and asked advice to my course mates and friends about questions found in lectures, dissertation topic and future career. Sometimes I could solve the issue by myself talking to them, and sometimes their opinions from various perspectives helped me to find the way.


氏名:岩間 縁


コース:開発学部 教育と開発コース













もうすでにUEAで勉強される予定の方は、できる限りacademic Englishの基本を学んでおくのもよいと思う。UEAでは留学生のためのacademic supportもとても充実しているが、修士課程では始まってすぐに授業が本格化するため、日本人に限らず留学生の中には、慣れないacademic journalの読み方、エッセイの書き方に慣れるのに苦労している人も多かった。私の場合は、修士課程準備コースで学んだことが、最初授業についていく際にとても役に立ったと感じている。








<卒業生の声 3: 岩間 縁さん MA Education and Development>



Requirements Requirements

Admissions Requirements

Those holding one of the following qualifications will be considered for direct entry to undergraduate study(Bachelor degree programmes):

  • Kotogakko Sotsugyo Shomeisho (Upper Secondary School Leaving Certificate) with a recognised foundation/bridging qualification
  • International Baccalaureate Diploma with a minimum 32 - 35 points (depending on course)
  • British 'A' levels with a minimum BBC-ABB (depending on course)
  • Junior College 2 and 3 year diploma
  • College of Technology 5 year programme diploma

Holders of a good Bachelor degree will be considered for entry to postgraduate study (Master degree programmes)

Holders of a good Masters degree will be considered for entry to MPhil/PhD study

English Language Requirements

All applicants to the University of East Anglia must be able to demonstrate an acceptable level of English language before they can be admitted onto any course or programme.

The below are guidelines only.  Please be sure to check requirements for your specific course.


Test Score
IELTS* 6.5 overall with minimum of 6.0 in each component
PEARSON ACADEMIC (all components)* 62 overall with minimum of 55 in each component


*We also accept a wide range of other English language qualifications, as listed here

*Those not meeting the above English language requirements are encouraged to consider and English Language programme at INTO UEA in preparation for our degree courses.


Scholarships and Finance Scholarships and Finance

Fees and Funding

Fees 2019-20

For full details of overseas students fees and information on fee status please visit these Planning Office pages.

Please note that fees are reviewed annually and may be subject to small increases for any subsequent years of study.

Funding 2019-20

See our International Scholarships pages for details of non-region specific available funding opportunities.

International Undergraduate Scholarships

These scholarships are designed to reward applicants who have been offered a place to study with UEA and who can clearly and concisely explain how studying here at UEA will help them to make an outstanding contribution to their chosen field of study as well as the wider UEA community. 

All applicants to the scholarship will receive a minimum of a £2,000 first year tuition fee discount, whilst a large number of successful applicants will be upgraded to fee discounts of £4,000, £6,000 or £10,000 per year of study.

For terms and conditions and to apply, see our International Undergraduate Scholarships page.

Japan Undergraduate Scholarship

All Japanese students applying to an undergraduate course* at UEA will  be awarded the Japan Undergraduate Scholarship. This award is worth £3000, and will be deducted from your tuition fees for each year of your programme at UEA, in line with terms and conditions.  Confirmation of any award will follow shortly after your offer.

Offer-holders are also encouraged to apply for UEA’s International Undergraduate Scholarship worth up to £30,000, though please note that this scholarship cannot be held in conjunction with any other UEA scholarship or award.

*applications to the Faculty of Medicine and Health are excluded from this scholarship

UEA Japan Award

All japanese students applying to a postgraduate course* at UEA will be automatically awarded the UEA Japan Award.

The award is worth £3,000 and will form a deduction from your UEA tuition fees, in line with terms and conditions.

*courses commencing September 2019 only, excluding DEV courses - please see seperate scholarship information.

School of International Development Awards

5 x £3,000 tuition fee reduction awards offered on the basis of academic excellence and personal statement.


Agents Agents


UEA works with partners around the world to promote our programmes and provide a service to students applying to the University.  These partners have been carefully selected and we provide regular training to ensure that UEA is accurately represented and that the applicant experience is good. If you are unhappy with an aspect of your applicant experience,  please contact us.

Approved Agents:


For Study Abroad:


Assistance for Japanese and other international students already in the UK:

Clarendon House
52 Cornmarket Street
Oxford OX1 3HJ

Tel: 01865 522669


Linen Hall
Room 538
162-168 Regent Street

Tel: 020-7287-7040
Fax: 020-7287-7030

Alumni Groups Alumni Groups

Alumni Groups

UEA East Japan

Chair: Makoto Hayasaka

Email: hayasakauea@gmail.com


UEA West Japan

Chair: Mikio Ando

Email: mikio_ando@kcc.zaq.ne.jp  


If you studied at UEA and now live in Japan, get involved with other UEA alumni in your area and around the world through the UEA Netcommunity