If eligible, you may have successfully applied for the EU Settlement Scheme before this closed on 30th June 2021.

As the EU Settlement Scheme is not a university sponsored visa route, UEA cannot help you with your application. However, we can signpost you to other sources of helpful information and will answer any questions that we are able to.


I missed the 30th June 2021 deadline – can I still apply for the EU Settlement Scheme?

In some cases, you can still apply for the EU Settlement Scheme after 30th June 2021 and you can find out if you may be eligible to do this.

You can also apply if you already have pre-settled status, and you’re applying for settled status.


Who can help me if I have any questions?

If you need help with, or information about, the EU Settlement Scheme application, you can contact the EU Settlement Resolution Centre online.

You can also contact Citizens Advice.


I have already made a successful application – what should I do now?

You should let us know that you have submitted an application and, when you receive the decision, you can go online to view and prove your immigration status. You can generate a Share Code, which you then need to share with student.visacompliance@uea.ac.uk as soon as possible.


Useful Resources and Contact Details


If you have been granted settled or pre-settled status through the EU Settlement Scheme, you can use your National ID or passport until at least 31st December 2025. It is important to check the Gov UK website for up to date advice on the ID documents you will need before travelling.

You could also travel with your EU Settlement Scheme permission in your hand luggage to show Border Control.

You can find out more about what settled and pre-settled status means on Gov.uk.
Irish citizens will continue to have the same rights to study and work in the UK as before. The vast majority of Irish citizens did not need to apply for the EU Settlement Scheme in order to study and work in the UK. However, if you have family or dependants who are not Irish or British citizens, there might be circumstances where you would have needed to apply. You should seek specialist legal advice if that is the case.