Academic Technology Approval Scheme (ATAS) Clearance Certificate

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You will need an ATAS Certificate if you are doing a PhD or Masters degree in one of the subjects listed on the Foreign and Commonwealth Office website.

These are mainly in the science subjects. You must check with your school at UEA to confirm if you are required to apply for an ATAS Certificate.

You will need to apply and receive your ATAS Certificate before you are able to get your CAS from the University. You will also need it when you apply for a Tier 4 visa. You must apply for a new ATAS Certificate each time you apply for a new Tier 4 visa.

To apply

  1. You will need information from the school, including a Code, which will be required when applying.
  2. To apply go to the GOV.UK website. The Foreign and Commonwealth Office administer the scheme and you will need to apply online.
  3. You will receive your ATAS Certificate by email. Print this off and include it in your visa application. It can take at least four weeks to get an ATAS Certificate from the date you applied, so prepare early and apply as soon as possible.

Your CAS Statement will also confirm if you need an ATAS Certificate or not.


Apply for an ATAS