The risk of tuberculosis (TB) is increasing throughout the world. BCG is an immunisation against tuberculosis. Please check with your doctor whether you have had a BCG before arriving at UEA and, if possible, bring evidence of this. It is particularly important if you come from a high TB risk country.


Tuberculosis Screening

  • All students studying more than one month must be screened for TB, except those normally resident in the countries listed below.
  • TB screenings are completed in the University Medical Centre.
  • A nurse will carry out an initial appointment which consists of some screening questions and examination. Further investigations may also be required ยท
  • There is no charge for the screening
  • Any family members with you should also be screened for TB at the University Medical Centre
  • Any further screening or referrals for chest x-rays and necessary further treatment will be carried out under the NHS with no charge

To find out more about TB screening, check the high-risk TB country list on the University Medical Services website.

Failure to comply with the TB screening requirement is a breach of University regulations and may lead to suspension from the University and exclusion from the campus.

The following countries have a low incidence of tuberculosis. If you are normally resident in one of the countries below you are not required by the University to undergo tuberculosis screening upon arrival.

  • Australia
  • Canada
  • European Union Countries (except Latvia and Lithuania)
  • New Zealand
  • USA