International Healthcare Surcharge (IHS)

When applying for a new student visa for longer than 6 months you will need to pay a healthcare charge, called the ‘Immigration Healthcare Surcharge (IHS)’, as part of your visa application.

Paying this charge will allow you to use the National Healthcare Service (NHS). You will still need to pay for normal services such as prescription medications, dental treatment and eye tests, but you will not need to pay more for healthcare.

Failure to pay or if you do not pay the required amount will result in your visa application being refused. You need to pay in the same currency as you will pay your visa application fee. There are currently a number of ways to pay including debit or credit cards, PayPal and others.

How much to pay

Immigration Health Surcharge Costs

  • £300 per year for students/dependants
  • £150 per half year for students/dependants

You will have to pay the half-year fee of £150, if the length of the visa you are applying for includes part of a year, but is less than six months. If the length of your visa includes part of a year that is less than twelve months but more than six months, you will have to pay for a whole year.

You will also be required to pay for the whole time you will be in the UK up front (for example, Bachelor degree students will pay for three years). The time is based on your visa length, not your course length. Normally if a course is more than twelve months, you will get an extra four months on your visa after your course finished. Please see Visa End Dates to see when your visa will expire to help you calculate the duration of your visa.


Check how much you need to pay

Use the Immigration Healthcare Surcharge Calculator to find out how much you should pay.


  • Undergraduate three year course = £1200 (three years plus six months)
  • Undergraduate four year course = £1500 (four years plus six months)
  • Masters one year course = £600 (one year plus six months)


PhD Students

PhD students should check with the Admissions Office or Postgraduate Research Services to confirm the length of your course that will be stated on your CAS statement.

If you are applying for a Doctorate Extension Scheme visa, please see an International Student Advisor for advice on how much you need to pay.


Studying for Six Months or Less

If you are coming to the UK for 6 months or less with either a Tier 4 visa or a Short-term Study Visa, you will be personally responsible to cover all healthcare costs. We highly recommend that you get adequate medical insurance to cover you while you are in the UK.

Dependants will pay the same IHS fee if applying as dependants on your Tier 4 visa.

If your visa application is refused, you will get full refund on the healthcare charge. Read more about the healthcare charge and to pay online, visit the GOV.UK website.