Health Insurance

If you are studying on a Student or Tier 4 visa, you will pay the Immigration Healthcare Surcharge (IHS) and you will be entitled to access the UK National Health Service (NHS).

However, if you are studying on a short-term study visa you will need to have Health Insurance, otherwise you will get a very large medical bill if you become unwell.

Before you travel to the UK you should make sure that you will be covered if you become unwell. Your existing healthcare provision may well cover you already. If not, you will need to buy additional Health Cover for your visit to the UK. Either talk to your existing provider, or search for “Health Insurance for International Students”.

You will need to make sure you are covered for:

  • any existing medical problems you have
  • Any hospital treatment you may need
  • Emergency return home, with medical support

You may need to pay your medical bills and then claim the money back from your insurer, please check your cover, so you know how to make a claim.

Immigration Healthcare Surcharge: