Preparing for Social Sciences

Have you ever a social science the right course for me? 

Preparing for Social Sciences is a programme of events for students in year 12-13, L3 Y1-2 and on access courses. It's delivered by our staff and current students and is designed to students who are from backgrounds that are currently under-represented in higher education. You'll get an insight into stuyding one or more of one of these subjects:

  • Business  

  • Economics 

  • Education 

  • International Development 

  • Law 

  • Psychology 

  • Social Work 

Applications for this programme will re-open in February 2021. If you have any questions in the meantime, please email us if you have any questions.


Am I eligible?


To take part in Preparing for Social Sciences, there are a few eligibility criteria you have to meet. 

Participants must meet all of the following criteria: 

  1. Live in Norfolk, north Suffolk (IP postcode) or Cambridgeshire (PE postcode) 
  2. Be currently studying for a level 3 qualification. It is expected that students will be in the first year of study and will therefore be continuing with the qualification in the 2020/21 academic year 
  3. Have the academic capability to achieve 5 GCSE between grades A*-C/9-4 (including English, Maths and Science). 

Priority will be given to students who also meet one or more of the following criteria: 

  1. Students from low participation neighbourhoods - POLAR Quintile 1 or 2. This may be checked here 
  2. Students eligible for Free School Meals (FSM) within last 5 years 
  3. Students currently in local authority care ('looked after') and students who have previously been in local authority care ('care leaver') 
  4. Young carers and young adult carers - Young carers have caring responsibilities for a family member with any type of illness, disabiloty or addiction, who cannot manage without the young carer's support 
  5. Estranged students - Students who are irreconcilabily estranged from their parents, meaning that they have not had verbal or writtern contact with any living biological or adoptive parents for a significant period, usally 12 months or more 
  6. Students from Gypsy, Roma and Traveller communities 
  7. Refugee and asylum seekers. Students with refugee status, and those seeking sanctuary 
  8. Mature students. Prospective students aged 21 or over, with no previous university experience 
  9. Students with a disability, including people with specific learning difficulties and mental health problems as defined by UCAS 
  10. Black or Ethnic Minority students 
  11. Students attending alternative or therapeutic education provision 

If you're confident that you're eligible to apply, please complete the online application form. 

Not sure if you're eligible or want more information? Please email and chat to one of our team. 

How will participants be selected?

Applications will be screened for eligibility in line with the guidance shown on this page. Eligible applications will be scored on the statement of interest. The panel will consider the motivation for application and the ability to commit to the programme. 

Do I need to pay anything to take part?

No. All costs including transport (if required) and catering will be met by UEA. 

How will transport be arranged?

If transport is required, participants will be contacted individually to make arrangements. Depending on home address, transport will be either by taxi or public transport. 

Do I have to attend all sessions?

Yes you'll be expected to attend all compulsory sessions. Where the dates are to be confirmed, participants will be consulted as to prior commitments, such as exams. The other activities are entirely optional and can be attended on an individual basis; you do not need to attend all of these.