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Register your year 10 class by Friday 12th March 2021.

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What is Wonderfest?


Registration for UEA’s annual Wonderfest event for Y10 students is now open!

This year’s event will be delivered digitally and focus on the response of a variety of university subjects and pathways during the COVID19 pandemic. Students will explore the role of non-medical professions, to demonstrate that all people, in all careers, have an important role to play in response to a national healthcare emergency.

This year, we have teamed up with Fine City Neighbours, a Norwich-based initiative launched during lockdown to help local people connect and support others in their community. Together, we want to celebrate the huge sense of togetherness and resilience shown during the pandemic by people from all professions and subject disciplines.

“Wonderfest: Responding to a Crisis” has been developed with the citizenship module of the PSHE curriculum in mind to allow schools to facilitate delivery of sessions during PSHE lessons throughout May. It aims to develop student’s ability to make informed choices about their future and increase confidence about their role within society as active and responsible citizens.

The event will be delivered using a variety of methods, including pre-recorded video content, teacher-lead classroom discussions, subject-specific activity cards and a LIVE finale event on Friday 21 May 2021. Teachers are asked to facilitate the delivery of two 50-minute sessions between 03 and 21 May.

As part of the event, students will have the opportunity to explore a variety of university subjects in greater depth and consider their role and response during the COVID-19 pandemic. Each student will receive a subject-specific activity card designed by a UEA or NUA student to complete at home (recommended).

The activity cards are intended to be challenging, support independent study and encourage creativity. Subjects include politics, photography, business management, creative writing, physics and engineering, to name just a few!

Each school will be asked to submit a selection of student work to feature in a digital showcase hosted by Fine City Neighbours to celebrate the tremendous effort of people from different subject disciplines and professions in response to the COVID19 pandemic.

The finale event will be delivered in collaboration with Maximize Your Potential for a high-impact, motivational session focussing on the importance of being resilient and celebrating success during difficult times.

When will it take place?


Wonderfest has been developed with the citizenship module of the PSHE curriculum in mind, and it is intended to be delivered during Y10 PSHE lessons throughout May. A LIVE finale event will take place via Microsoft Teams on Friday 21st May 13:30 – 14:50. It is compulsory for ALL schools to attend this session. If you are unable to attend this session at the allocated time, unfortunately you cannot participate in Wonderfest.

Before the live event takes places, teachers will be required to deliver two 50-minute sessions to their Y10 class. Schools have between 3rd – 21st May to deliver these two sessions and encourage students to complete the accompanying homework task. Full lesson plans, content and subject activities will be provided before the event.

Who can take part in Wonderfest?


Wonderfest is delivered by UEA’s Outreach team, which aims to facilitate equality of HE prospects and choice for underrepresented groups in East Anglia; it is students from these groups who we feel will benefit most from participating in the event.

Once your school has registered to attend the event, we will require you to complete a Data Sharing Protocol (if this has not already been provided) and a register of participating students. To ensure the event has maximum impact, we are asking schools to choose the Y10 class with the highest number of pupil premium students.

As part of the event, it is compulsory for students to complete a pre-evaluation survey one week before the event. We ask that you allocate 5-10 minutes for students to complete this, preferably in a computer room or somewhere students will have reliable and easy access to the internet. The students will also be sent a follow up survey 1-2 days after the event to their most used email address, collected in the pre-survey. We ask that schools follow up with their pupils as to whether they have responded to this.

Both surveys form part of our monitoring and evaluation process, which is extremely important as we are required to clearly demonstrate the impact of our outreach work. It also helps us to build an evidence base, so that we know what works and what doesn’t for the schools and students that take part in our programmes.

What will my students get to take part in?



Register your year 10 class by Friday 12th March 2021.


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