Do something different this summer Do something different this summer


Have you been considering what life at university would be like? Every year UEA put on Summer Schools for students to get a feel for life away from home.

Spend a night in a real campus bedroom, try different subjects and workshops, take part in fun social activities, meet up with students, ask questions and find out exactly what you should expect from higher education.

If you are currently in year 9 then you could be able to attend a UEA Summer School. And the best thing? It’s completely free.

Places are only open to students from schools in Norfolk and Suffolk. Priority will be given to students who come from communities with little experience or tradition of going to university. For example:

  • You are in care or are a care leaver;
  • You are a young carer or;
  • You have a disability, mental health condition or specific learning difficulty or;
  • Not many people from your school or where you live go to university or;
  • Your household income is less than £25,000

The Year 9 Summer School is not open to:

  • Students who attend private or independent schools - this includes those awarded bursaries or scholarships
  • International students
  • Students outside of Year 9
  • Those who do not currently attend a Norfolk or Suffolk school.

What happens at Summer school?

  • You will meet student ambassadors, who are current students at UEA. They will help to look after you for the whole time you’re away from home. They’ll be there to get involved with activities and answer questions about university life.
  • You will stay in your own bedroom on campus. Each bedroom has its own bathroom and facilities and is situated in a flat, so you won't be far away from your new friends.
  • Experience some activities students get involved in during their free time. UEA will give you a selection of clubs and society sessions to choose from as well as taking you out for the evening.
  • Interested in different subjects? Explore the campus and what subjects are offered at degree level. You'll get to meet lecturers and try interesting workshops and taster sessions and ask questions.

When is it?

We run 2 summer schools aimed at Year 9 students. The programme is the same on both events, but the workshops offered may vary slighty.

Year 9a - 26 - 27 July 2018

Year 9b - 2 - 3 August 2018

How do I apply?

Applications for our 2018 events have now closed. We will be contacting people to let them know if they have a place by 22nd June 2018.

Please note that you will need a teachers email address as we will need to ask them for a reference. Please ensure you let them know! We also accept references from associated social or professional workers; for existing applicants, the deadline for references is 15th June 2018.

I'm not sure if I would fit the criteria

If you have any questions relating to summer schools or eligibility, please contact us at or call us on 01603 591521.

What have previous attendees said?

"It showed us that there is time to learn and have fun"

"We got to stay in individual rooms and meet new people just like we would do at university"