If you find revising for exams tricky at times, why not let our current crop of students give you the lowdown on what helped them to get the best grades they possibly could. After all, coming back to school after the holidays is not an easy task, especially in the lead up to exams, so it can sometimes seem like a bit of a mission to get back into the study zone.

Lucy says "Your motivation will dwindle if there's not enough oxygen going to your brain; take a brisk walk or even head down to the gym when you need to clear your head. I always find walking my dogs is a good way to relax and re-focus."

Sarah "Make lists! I always find that if there's loads of stuff stressing me out it really helps to write it down. Then I realise that I can get it all done after all! There's nothing like the satisfaction of ticking something off the list!"

"Get yourself a homework notebook at the start of the year", says Niamh. "By writing your homework down each day, you will know what you have to get done and you won't end up coming to school and getting in a panic when you hear your friends talking about the history test that morning that you had completely forgotten about."

Eleanor says "If you're lacking motivation, then remind yourself of the long-term gains: what may be boring to you now may actually help you to do what you want to do in the future, so see it as a stepping stone to bigger and better opportunities."

Dan says "Take frequent breaks. It really isn't good to be working away relentlessly for hours. Stretch your legs, have a cup of tea and get a bit of fresh air!"

"Have clear goals set in your mind" recommends Louise, "such as getting through a chapter in a textbook. When you achieve that goal, reward yourself with something you really enjoy doing. This might be watching a good film, spending time with friends or doing a specific hobby. When there is a treat to work towards, you'll probably find that you work that little bit harder."