Medical Aspirations Scholarship Rules Medical Aspirations Scholarship Rules

The Medical Aspirations Scholarship Programme

The Medical Aspirations Scholarships are an extension of the Medical Aspirations Programme, which begins with the Medical Aspirations Residential held at UEA each year. Particular schools are identified as being a key priority and the attendees of the Residential come from those schools. The Medical Aspirations Scholarships support students who attended the Residential course and went on to secure a place at Norwich Medical School, and is designed to support students from non-traditional medical backgrounds as they study at UEA.


To be eligible, applicants must:
Have attended the Medical Aspirations Residential.
Are offered a place on the:
MBBS Medicine.
MBBS Medicine with a Foundation Year.
Be eligible to pay fees at the Home/EU rate.
Preference will be given to applicants who:
Are offered a place on the MBBS Medicine.

Value of award

The value of the Scholarship is dependent on the number of applicants to the courses listed above who completed the Medical Aspirations Residential course, and will be determined annually.
The amount available will be divided equally between the successful recipients in that year.
The Scholarship will never be worth less than 50% of each individual recipient’s fees.
The Scholarship will be paid for a maximum of six years; five for those on the MBBS Medicine programme.

Selection process

7.The recipients of this Scholarship will be any successful applicant to the above courses who completed the Medical Aspirations Residential, unless the number of eligible applicants means that the value of the award for each recipient would be lower than 50% of their fees, as stipulated in rule 5.

8.If there are more eligible applicants than can be supported by the Scholarship fund, the recipients will be chosen by a Selection Panel whose decision will be final.

The recipient will be chosen on the basis of their:
Academic potential.
Proven academic record.
Financial need.
When considering the merit of applications, the Selection Panel may give preference to applicants:
Whose parents did not complete Higher Education.
Who are care leavers.
Who have had their study disrupted by extenuating circumstances.[1]
Who live in a low participation neighbourhood.[2]
Who have care responsibilities.
Scholarship terms

The Scholarship is payable after the recipient has completed the University’s registration process.
If no candidate is judged to be of sufficient merit, the Scholarship will not be awarded.
Recipients of the Medical Aspirations Scholarships will be permitted to hold Open Scholarships and receive fee waivers (where appropriate) at the same time but not any other UEA scholarships.
The Scholarship is subject to terms and conditions which must be formally agreed to by the recipient before the award is made.

Usual Process:

Usually, those who receive the Medical Aspirations Scholarships are simply any students who took part in the Medical Aspirations Residential and who went on to secure a place at UEA’s Medical School – if there are more than would be supported by the fund as per the rules in the Value of award section, the below process should be brought into place.


Application Process:

In previous application processes, when an application was called for, applicants are asked to complete an application form including a 500-word essay explaining why they think they should be awarded this Scholarship, and these applications are then shortlisted by the Development Office based on the following criteria:

1.Correct use of spelling, grammar and punctuation

2.Written in layman’s terms



5.Evidence of effort made

6.Total household income as provided to the SLC (this will be checked)


Selection Process:

The Panel should include a member of staff who can act as Chair – such as a Head of School or an Associate Dean of the Faculty – and two or three other appropriate members of staff who are senior in their School or connected to undergraduate Admissions. Previous versions of the rules simply asked for selection to come from the recommendation of the Medical School.

The Panel will score each applicant and will be asked to justify their top three applicants based primarily on the points in rule 9 – rule 10 should be used at the Panel’s discretion.

The Panel will report their justifications and scoring of the applicants back to the Stewardship Officer.


The Stewardship Officer will contact the recipient to let them know that they have been successful, but not before getting in contact with Admissions to ensure that no other Scholarships have been offered to the applicant and that the information has been recorded on Hobsons.

[1] Extenuating circumstances will be considered on a case-by-case basis by the Selection Panel.

[2] One which has been identified as having a low percentage of people attending university compared to the National average.