Upcoming opportunities Upcoming opportunities

Young Carer & Young Adult Carer University Experience Day, 18 February 2020

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Creative Writing Anthology Day for Looked After Children aged 11-14, Wednesday 19 February 2020

Join us at UEA for a day-long writing workshop run by UEA student writers. We will help you prepare original creative work for publication in a professionally produced and edited anthology. Your book will later be launched by poet and author Lemm Sissay at the lead event at this year’s Festival of Literature by Young People (FLY) festival. You and your carers will receive a VIP invite to the book launch event on Thursday 25th June 2020 at UEA.

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Aspiration-raising activities for everyone Aspiration-raising activities for everyone

The University is strongly committed to ensuring that all young people can access the information and support they require to progress to high quality higher education.

Some students may have greater difficulties to overcome than others, and we endeavour to provide tailored assistance and encouragement in acknowledgment of this. This is our Including Me programme.

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Contact us at IncludingMe@uea.ac.uk

Who are your activities for?

We aim to create an inclusive environment in all our aspiration-raising activities, including campus visits, academic tasters and residential summer schools.

We particularly welcome participation in these activities by:

  • Looked after children and care leavers (additional information here)
  • Young carers and young adult carers (those with unpaid caring responsibilities for a family member)
  • Refugee and asylum seeker students
  • Gypsy, Roma and Traveller students
  • Estranged students (those who are irreconcilably estranged from their parents, meaning that they have not had any contact for a significant period)
  • Students with a disability, mental health condition or specific learning difficulty
  • Mature students (those who are aged 21 and over, with no previous university experience)

What age do I need to be?

We welcome students from Year 5 up to adult learners.

What type of visits and activities do you offer?

We offer lots of opportunities to visit the UEA campus in Norwich:

Individual or pairs of students can apply to attend a Student Shadowing day.

Small or large groups are welcome to request a group campus visit (this can be during term time or school holidays).

The timings and content of these visits is flexible to suit your needs and interests.

Individuals are also strongly encouraged to consider applying for one of our free residential summer schools.

We are also happy to travel to see you:

UEA Outreach staff can attend your school/college/sixth form, or your support group, or your staff CPD event (as relevant). We can hear from you or the young people you're working with, or we can deliver interactive sessions about opportunities at Higher Education, and answer questions about accessing and succeeding at university. We can cover topics such as:

  • What support is available for university students?
  • Sudent finance - fees, loans and repayments explained!
  • Choosing the course and university that is right for you
  • How to apply for university, and information about writing personal statements

Will a visit answer my questions about university?

We will ask about your questions and concerns in advance (wherever possible) so we can include information which is specific to your experiences or current situation. The overall aim is always to provide information and encouragement about progressing to university, to enable visitors to make an informed choice about whether they would like to attend higher education in the future.

I'm worried about paying for transport to UEA...

Help with transport costs is available via our Travel Fund, or email includingme@uea.ac.uk for details. 

I'm nervous and think I'd need some additional help or encouragement before a visit...

We are very happy to discuss individual requirements ahead of a campus visit or summer school experience, and we would like to encourage young people, school staff, parents and carers to contact us with any issues or concerns.

How do I get in touch?

If you would like to find out more about the opportunities we offer for young people in the local area, or discuss an upcoming event, please contact Liz Ferguson, Outreach Officer at includingme@uea.ac.uk or on 01603 591960.