Fun new activities! Fun new activities!

The University of East Anglia Challenge badge was trialled in Spring 2010 and this year we would like to offer the badge to more Guides and Scouts across Norfolk. We have added some fun new activities for Guides and Scouts this year, and we are really excited to work with some new units and troops.

This challenge has been created to raise aspirations and encourage Guides and Scouts to fulfil their potential by explaining the benefits of higher education and breaking down stereotypes.

In particular this challenge is designed for young people from cultures and backgrounds who traditionally might not consider university as an option. In working towards the badge, Guides and Scouts will be encouraged to think about their future and will learn about what higher education could offer them. Above all though, they will have fun.

Higher education may seem like a long way off for your Guides or Scouts, however there is a wealth of evidence to suggest the earlier universities have contact with young people, the higher their ambitions for the future.

According to the Higher Education Funding Council for England, 90 percent of young people on A level pathways have already made the decision to progress to higher education, meaning if those from non-traditional backgrounds are to be encouraged, work must start before 16. The National Council for Educational Excellence strongly recommends beginning work to raise attainment and aspirations at an early age and a survey of pre-applicants at University of East Anglia open days has shown that 43 percent made their decision to attend higher education before Year 8.

We believe that all children should have the chance to reach their potential, and by learning about university they will be encouraged to do so.

For more information, please contact the Outreach team on (01603) 591960 or email