You can find out more about our mentors by reading their profiles linked below. Each of them is a current UEA student who has experience working with young people and has undertaken specific mentoring training.



"I am studying Film and Television studies at UEA. I’m in my second year, and took part in the Mentoring scheme last year and returned to it this year. I wanted to come to university to expand my theoretical knowledge and consolidate my practical skills as I hope to work in the media industry after I graduate. I wanted to become a mentor because I know how daunting making decisions about future choices can seem, and I know that I would have appreciated a friendly face to talk me through the different options when I was 14!"



"My name is Alis and I'm currently studying English and American Literature here at UEA. I chose to go to university to learn to be self-sufficient in a safe environment whilst also giving myself great opportunities for the future. After graduating, I would love to work in education and widening participation, helping young people to achieve their goals. I chose to join the mentoring programme so I could start helping some young people figure out what they want from life and give them some tools to pursue those goals."



"I am currently undertaking a LLM course in commercial law. I chose to go to university after discovering that a university degree was essential to pursue my ideal career. I knew that in order to become a barrister a graduate qualification is needed. What I was left untold was that at university we are all treated as responsible adults and have just as much free time as work and lesson contact. This combined with the possibility of inspiring others to achieve their best potential is why I wanted to be a mentor."



Hello everyone! My name is Forrest, a third year Mathematics student. Going to university probably is one of the best decisions that I have ever made; beyond continue to acquire deeper knowledge of the subject, I also able to try a lot of new things like joining different sports clubs. I would like to help pupils to identity their strengths and weaknesses through the mentoring scheme, and most importantly, to guide them to find their own path for the future. Best wishes to all mentees!




My name is Sophie Parkinson, and I study English Literature. I went to university because I wanted to try living away from home and meeting new people - and I wasn't ready to get a job!

In the future I want to work in the Education department at a museum or art gallery, making sure visitors have the best time they can and running events for children and young adults. 

I became a mentor because I was really nervous and unsure about going to university, but I had support from great people around me encouraging me to go. In turn I wanted to pass on what an amazing time university is so as many people as possible want to come!



"Hi! I'm Kate and I'm in the final year of my Politics degree. I chose to go to university because I wanted to challenge myself and have an opportunity to try new things and develop key skills. In the future, I'd like to work for local government but at the moment I'm keeping my options open. I wanted to be a mentor because I very nearly didn't go to university, but I couldn't be more grateful that I did."