You can find out more about some of our mentors by reading their profiles below. Each of them is a current UEA student who has experience working with young people and has undertaken specific mentoring training.



"My name’s Katie I am currently in my second year of studying History. I chose to go to university because I wanted the opportunity to grow in my independence and meet new people. I also really enjoyed studying History at A-level and wanted to learn more about my subject. I became a mentor because I am interested in working with young people in the future. I hope to guide my mentees into making the right decision for them and ensure they feel confident in the options available for them."



"Hey! I am George and I'm studying Pharmacy at UEA. I was really passion about biology and chemistry and interested in healthcare so studying Pharmacy seemed like a natural choice. I was the first generation of my family to venture into the world of university so I know how daunting it can seem. In my secondary school I spent time tutoring younger students in science and French and I loved it so I thought the mentoring scheme would be great, along with giving me the opportunity to help out some young people think about their future."



"Hey! My name is Rachel and I'm a third year history student. I chose to come to university as I wanted to push myself and improve my studies. I have always enjoyed studying and I saw university as the chance to study something I really enjoy in depth and then specialise in this subject. In the future I would love to incorporate my passion for history and interest in travelling, perhaps going abroad and conducting historical conservation. I chose to be a mentor as I would love others to be as enthusiastic about university as I was. By helping others understand more about university, what we do here and how we get here, I hope it inspires my mentees to want to prolong their studies and go to university."