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Guidance for a Memorandum of Understanding between the Applicant and (Clinical) Manager

You will notice that the application form requires the manager to sign in support of the applicant.

Clinical academic careers are an exciting new opportunity through which, in the medium and long-term, nurses and allied health professions will be able to contribute to using evidence to improving patient care.  Issues to bear in mind include:

  • The course enables students to focus on learning the foundation skills and theory of research, facilitating the development of a research proposal as the significant element of the dissertation (which includes background literature as well as methodology/methods). 
  • The Masters level course is a demanding programme, full-time over a 12 month year. This is to enable students to become a learning set supporting each other's development
  • There are some half time places to start April 2013 (over two years).
  • Please bear in mind that although the application form asks about planned and future research, it is likely that the major focus will be in critically understanding the literature and methods, rather than generating new evidence of direct relevance to practice (that is for the next, doctoral, stage).
  • The Masters in Clinical Research is from a series of developments funded by NIHR (followed by Doctorate, early Career Researcher, Principle Investigator).  Please note, whilst it may advantageous to be accepted on the Masters element, there is no guarantee of being accepted on these later NIHR developments. 

It is vital that there is a common understanding of how the successful applicants can achieve the required commitment to the course.  The following are issues that the (Clinical) Manager and Applicant will need to discuss and agree on prior to submitting the application:

  1. A shared understanding of clinical academic careers and what each of you are expecting out of it
  1. Understanding of the Trust secondment policy and how the studentship will be managed for both the Applicant and Manager
  1. Usually the course will be undertaken as a one year full-time which requires agreement of the applicant and the manager on the implications of this.  For example, how applicants will keep in contact with their clinical area including general contact between the applicant and the clinical area, information regarding any changes in policies and practice; and may include working an occasional shift or attending keeping in touch days.
  1. Identify which discussions are required with others about the back-fill arrangements (financial aspects of this are not the responsibility of the School/University, but will need to be addressed with the NIHR).
  1. Any further issues raised.