stunning medieval city stunning medieval city

The city of Fribourg is a medieval jewel. The historic city centre with its gothic cathedral, its narrow laneways, old bridges, taverns and picturesque squares make it a particularly pleasant place to live. Because of its situation at the foothills of the Alps and at less than 20 kilometres from Lake Morat there is a huge range of recreational and sporting activities to enjoy. The University of Fribourg is not a campus university but it is spread over the town of Fribourg. It has nine faculties and counts 10,000 students.


Quick Facts:

Location: Fribourg, Switzerland
City Population: 36,633
University Population: 10,000
Climate: Fribourg has a Marine West Coast climate/Oceanic climate with mild differences between highs and lows and there is adequate rainfall year round.
Nearest airport: Bern Airport