20 April 2020

My UEA Story: Ngenius

logongenius.ai is a specialist data science and artificial intelligence consultancy specialising in machine vision and signal processing applications.

We work with our clients from across the UK to identify, scope, develop and deliver cutting edge applications that can transform business and the service they can offer their customers.

We joined the Enterprise Centre in early 2020 as we began to significantly grow the team. We needed a base from which we could work effectively together, entertain our clients and grow our links with the University.  The Enterprise Centre ticked all the boxes as well as providing a stunning location and great transport links. We particularly loved the building itself which has proved a really calming and inspiring place to work.

The environment at the Enterprise Centre is fantastically vibrant and energising, bringing together an eclectic mix of innovative and driven organisations. Being in this environment has helped us to develop indispensable relationships that have helped us to grow and develop both personally and professionally. We’ve also been able to strengthen our ties with the University and begin to access some of the vast talent pools that they have to offer. We’ve also really enjoyed the range of organised tenant support events and the tenant meet-ups have been a great way to meet other business and feel like a part of the wider ecosystem.

Being at the Enterprise Centre has underpinned our success and gives us the base we need to continue to chase our ambitions. Having the right facilities and working environment has given us the confidence to take on bigger projects and clients.

Right now, our goal is to continue to grow and expand the reach of the organisation. We are particularly interested in a number of joint research and development projects that we are actively pursuing with the University and others.


The Enterprise Centre