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Jeff Carter

Jeff Carter (he/him)

Paulo Pepe

Paulo Pepe (he/him)

Martin Lippiatt

Martin Lippiatt (he/him)

Student with Ukraine flag sml

UEA and Ukraine in 2022

In what has been a difficult year for those affected by the conflict in Ukraine, staff and students have shown their support in many different ways. From last...

Dr Teresa Armijos Burneo, Prof Jenni Barclay

Spotlight on Prof Jenni Barclay and Dr Teresa Armijos Burneo

A tribute trilogy of films about the people affected by the Nevado del Ruiz eruption in Colombia, researched and produced by Prof Jenni Barclay (ENV) and Dr...

John Street

Spotlight on John Street

If you have studied politics, media, or journalism at UEA, then chances are you’ve come across John or his work. An award-winning academic and professor across...

Lincoln Barnwell, Prof Jowitt, Dr Redding, Julian B

Spotlight on the Gloucester

You probably know this by now, but allow us to fill you in anyway... In June, it was revealed to the public that in 2007 brothers and deep-sea divers, Julian and...

Barnie Choudhury

Spotlight on... Barnie Choudhury

For most aspiring journalists, the prospect of being taught by a veteran of the BBC would be an opportunity too good to miss. And for UEA journalism students,...

Jim Moore

Spotlight on UEA cleaner turned author Jim Moore

Jim Moore has led quite the life. Apart from anything else, he’s probably – almost certainly – the best cleaner-turned-children's author UEA has ever seen. Jim’s...

Mark Hoar

Mark Hoar (he/him)