We aspire to making a real difference through our research We aspire to making a real difference through our research

Our ambition is to develop our environment where we proactively seek opportunities for our research to make a real difference to individuals, communities, policy makers and companies, both in the UK and internationally.

To make sure we do this effectively, we have developed a robust Impact Enhancement Strategy, which provides a foundation to build and develop our activities, which are aimed at stimulating greater impact from our research and making a practical difference beyond academia.

Raising awareness of the impact agenda, providing support and equipping our staff with the relevant knowledge to maximise potential impact from research is a key ingredient of our strategy. We are creating practical resources to help our staff. These will not only help to develop knowledge around routes to achieving impact, they will ensure a shared understanding of our vision. We will provide training and development opportunities to ensure all staff have a full understanding of how their research can have a real world impact and the confidence, capacity and skills to achieve this.


Images l-r: The Centre for Competition Policy (CCP), undertaking interdisciplinary research into competition policy with global relevance; The Centre for Research on Children and Families, at the forefront of research on vulnerable children, parenting and family change; International Development UEA, a charitable company pioneering research, training and consultancy in international development.

Each of our Schools is to have its own Impact Champion, a person who will take the lead in raising awareness and facilitating impact.  This person will liaise with research centres, helping to identify research projects which may require support in enhancing their impact and facilitating activities to support our core aims. We also aim to share best practice on a regular basis so that we can learn from one another's experiences and to continually drive forward our impact agenda.

We are examining the tools we use to create impact to make sure we're using the best of these to maximise our potential for success. We will engage in horizon scanning to see where we can provide research led responses to policy consultations. We will look at the audiences we want to reach and the communications activities we need to undertake to ensure we are reaching them.

Constant monitoring will also be a feature of our drive for greater impact creation. By gathering evidence from the people and organisations we affect regularly, we will be able to assess our levels of success in order to continually develop our approaches to impact.

With this sustained approach, by fostering an environment where impact is at the heart of what we do and with the practical mechanisms in place to support a culture of impact generation, we can make sure our research is reaching the people, communities, decision makers and business sectors that will benefit positively from it.

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