Dedicated PGR student study space Dedicated PGR student study space

Work space is available to full-time research students in the Faculty of Social Sciences to provide a peaceful and productive area. Currently, these are situated as below:

School of International Development

Workspaces are made available to all first year students and other students where possible. These are allocated by Catherine Butcher, DEV School Manager. There is a dedicated DEV PGR Suite on Floor 2 of the ARTS 1 building. 

School of Education & Lifelong Learning

Dedicated desk space and computers are available in the School’s PGR Study Area, located in the Lawrence Stenhouse Building. For further information please contact Jane English, School Manager.

School of Economics

Each full-time student is allocated a desk in one of the dedicated ECO PGR Suites for their first three years on the programme. 

School of Law

A postgraduate research students' study room is available in Earlham Hall and students should contact Kaye Mackay, PA to the Head of School.

School of Social Work

Desks are allocated by Jenni Maxwell, School Manager. Our space is EFRY 2.27 where SWK students are housed with access to a Common Room/Kitchen area.

School of Psychology

Desks are allocated by Katy Quigley, School Manager. Our space is LSB (to be confirmed) where currently the PSY are housed with access to a Common Room/Kitchen area.

Norwich Business School

Dedicated desk space is available for research students in the Thomas Paine Study Centre.  This is administered by Liane Ward, Administrator in Norwich Business School.