The EnvEast Training Programme The EnvEast Training Programme

As an EnvEast student, you will engage in a range of activities during your period of study. The larger part of this time will be spent conducting research leading to the examination of your doctoral thesis for the degree of Doctor of Philosophy (PhD). For this, you will have access to a wide range of cutting-edge facilities across the EnvEast partnership. You will also engage with training activities that will both enable and assist your research activities, but will also develop your personal, professional, and transferable skills, and prepare you for a wide range of employment opportunities after graduation.

Highlights of our training programme include:

  • A ‘skills audit' with your supervisory team, in which you will agree a bespoke training programme that addresses your needs for personal and professional development as well as the scientific and technical requirements of your research project.
  • Face-to-face training from internationally outstanding scientists from across the EnvEast partnership.
  • Subject specific and advanced research training utilising the state of the art facilities offered throughout the EnvEast partnership with support from specialist research officers and technicians.
  • A cohort-building induction programme tailored to the needs of you and your EnvEast peers.
  • The opportunity to organise and contribute to an EnvEast-wide, weekly Webinar series.
  • An annual summer school to bring you together with your EnvEast peers for a research conference focusing on interdisciplinarity and communication across science boundaries, and an opportunity to tackle some of the issues facing NERC science in a ‘sandpit' event led by senior scientists associated with EnvEast.
  • You will be encouraged to attend national and international meetings relevant to your research, and to publish your research in peer-reviewed and open access journals. You will also be able to attend and contribute to research seminar programmes within your department or partner institute.
  • The EnvEast programme will provide you with opportunities to take part in outreach and public engagement activities to showcase your research.
  • In addition, you will have opportunities to gain and develop transferable skills for the workplace, for example by participating in a Business Skills Programme with input from partners, employers, and external consultants; and undertaking Demonstrator training and formally accredited courses which will prepare you for teaching in a Higher Education environment.