PLanning your development as a researcher PLanning your development as a researcher

Welcome to the Faculty of Science Graduate School, a valuable resource dedicated to help you:

  • Develop the skills which underpin high quality research.
  • Develop the broader skills that every researcher needs to succeed.
  • Prepare you for your future career. 

PPD training is delivered by a range of highly-qualified staff with a range of expert knowledge, including: academics and research staff from across the Faculty of Science; staff from the wider UEA and Norwich Research Park and contributors from external organisations.

Training is both a requirement of your research degree programme1 and a vital tool to help you succeed. We encourage you to take advantage of the training and development opportunities available to you as part of your postgraduate research.  There are thousands of students graduating each year with a postgraduate research degree: you need to stand out from the crowd. Look for opportunities to build a strong CV during your research degree and take advantage of training and other development opportunities that help with this.

1 The Faculty of Science Graduate School and the associated Personal and Professional Development (PPD) training programme was launched in 2009 in response to the requirements of the UK Research Councils for researcher training and development. These requirements emphasise the importance of development of researchers not only in their subject specific disciplines but also in terms of the broader context of research, together with developing generic, transferable skills and preparation for careers beyond the research degree. Our PPD programme links to the Vitae Researcher Development Framework (RDF), which “articulates the knowledge, behaviours and attitudes of researchers and encourages them to aspire to excellence through achieving higher levels of development.” (Vitae, 2010). As noted in the UEA Code of Practice for Research Degrees, “the University is committed to the provision of skills and employability training for all research degree candidates, taking into account national standards including the Roberts ‘SET for Success’ report, the Vitae Researcher Development Framework and the expectations of Research Councils UK.  All research degree candidates are expected to actively participate in the training programmes as specified by their Faculties, Graduate Schools or Institutes.”

Dr Sarah Yeates and Dr Emma Elvidge

Postgraduate Skills Training Co-ordinators

Faculty of Science