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This page lists datasets produced at UEA which are available for sharing. For more information on any of these, please contact Anna Collins:

Title: Job crafting and the functioning of inter-organisational networks
Creators: Kevin Daniels, Rachel Nayani
Funding source: British Academy (funding ref SG132874)
Short description:
Job crafting is the process through which workers shape the content and nature of their work to suit their needs and preferences. Over time, job crafting can lead to ‘drift’ so that the tasks that are actually performed by a worker may not necessarily align with formal job descriptions. We examined how those that work in inter-organisationalcollaborations craft their work: Such workers are often tasked with co-ordinating activities and complex projects that single organisations cannot achieve alone.

Examples of inter-organisational collaborations include complex construction and engineering projects, joint ventures and informal and semi-formal networks that form special interest or advocacy groups. How such workers craft their jobs may have important implications for the success of inter-organisational collaborations.

Our data provide evidence for three forms of job crafting: individual crafting which relates to individuals crafting their own work; collaborative crafting which relates to co-ordinated crafting to achieve a common goal; and complementary crafting which relates to groups of workers crafting their work together to achieve individual goals or to compensate for each other’s weaknesses. Although we have found evidence how people craft their jobs can be consistent over time, we also found evidence that workers may withdraw from collective and complementary crafting when others in the relationship are unable to fulfil perceived obligations.

We have also found evidence that different workers adopt for distinct approaches to shaping inter-organisational collaborations.