Vicky Adams graduated with a first class BSc Honours in Psychology at the University of East Anglia in 2013. Throughout her undergraduate degree she had a strong interest in cognitive psychology, in particular the social aspects of cognition.  Her dissertation examined the human ability to detect changes in gaze direction according to vergence (how close or far apart someone’s eyes are looking).  She also explored the influence of vergence on observer preference and behaviour. 

The summer following her BSc, Vicky was employed by UEA as a Research Assistant to further her research with Dr Andrew Bayliss. She further developed this research at the University with an awarded studentship for the MRes in Social Science Research Methods. Vicky completed her Masters with a Distinction in 2014. 

Vicky further gained a university studentship to start her PhD in October 2014 within the School of Psychology.  Here she aims to move into cognitive neuroscience to explore the recognition of facial expressions using fMRI and behavioural research methods.

Key Research Interests

Vicky’s current research will investigate the recognition of facial expressions. Successful recognition is central to healthy social functioning (interactions, relationships and empathic understanding). However, it is still unclear how we recognise facial expressions.