Dr Fraser Smith is a Lecturer in the School of Psychology at UEA. He completed a B.Sc. Degree in Psychology at the University of Glasgow, and a PhD in Psychology at the University of Stirling. He was an MRC and ERC funded post-doctoral researcher for several years at the University of Glasgow (Centre for Cognitive Neuroimaging). He was then awarded a two-year post-doctoral fellowship at the University of Western Ontario (Brain & Mind Institute), London, Canada. His main research focus is the cognitive neuroscience of perception, including how prior experience shapes current sensory processing and the perception and production of facial expressions of emotion. He mainly uses functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) and behavioural methods in his research.

Fraser began working as a Lecturer at UEA in August 2013.

Indicative Publications

Smith, F.W. & Goodale, M.A. (2015). Decoding visual object categories in early somatosensory cortex. Cerebral Cortex, 25, 1020-1031.

Vetter, P., Smith, F.W., & Muckli, L. (2014). Decoding sound and imagery content in early visual cortex. Current Biology, 24 (11), 1256-1262.

Smith, F.W. & Muckli, L. (2010) Non-Stimulated early visual areas carry information about surrounding context. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences USA, 107 (46), 20099-20103.

Smith F.W. & Schyns P.G. (2009). Smile through your Fear and Sadness: Transmitting and Identifying Facial Expression Signals over a range of Viewing Distances. Psychological Science, 20 (10), 1202-1208.


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All Publications

Greening, S. G., Mitchell, D. G. V., Smith, F. W.


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in Cortex


pp. 31-43

Full Text UEA Repository



Muckli, L., De Martino, F., Vizioli, L., Petro, L. S., Smith, F. W., Urgubil, K., Goebel, R., Yacoub, E.


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in Current Biology



pp. 2690-2695

Full Text UEA Repository



Smith, F., Goodale, M.


Decoding visual object categories in early somatosensory cortex,

in Cerebral Cortex



pp. 1020-1031

Full Text UEA Repository



Vetter, P., Smith, F., Muckli, L.


Decoding Sound and Imagery Content in Early Visual Cortex,

in Current Biology



pp. 1256-1262

Full Text UEA Repository



Smith, F., Muckli, L.


Nonstimulated early visual areas carry information about surrounding context,

in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America (PNAS)



pp. 20099-20103

Full Text UEA Repository



Key Research Interests

My research is concerned with how the human brain accomplishes our rich perception of the world; including how we perceive and produce facial expressions of emotion and how our prior knowledge influences ongoing sensory processing. I use behavioural and neuroimaging methods (particularly fMRI, and more recently EEG) to investigate these topics.

Please email Fraser if you are interested in studying for a PhD or in gaining research experience.

Teaching Interests

  • Masters - Module Leader Cognitive Neuroscience

  • Masters - Module Leader Research Methods 2: Advanced Methods & Research Placement

  • Year 2 - Guest Lecturer Cognition

  • Year 3 – Undergraduate Research Project

I would be willing to supervise students interested in studying various aspects of high level vision, including face recognition and facial expressions of emotion as well as influences of prior knowledge on sensory processing (e.g. predictions, priming) and the effects of aging and specific mental disorders on these processes (e.g. pre-clinical anxiety and depression).

Office Hours: Mondays: 11 am -1 pm.

Key Responsibilities

Director of Cognitive Neuroscience Masters

PSY Masters Placements Leader

fMRI Lead

Research Seminar Organiser