Name Job Title
Miss Vicky Adams Research Student
Dr Nadja Althaus Lecturer in Psychology
Miss Sophie Bagge Research Student
Associate Tutor
Dr Andrew Bayliss Senior Lecturer in Psychology
Mr Andre Bester Technical Manager/Systems Engineer
Dr Laura Biggart Senior Lecturer in Social Science Research
Dr Heidi Bonnici Lecturer in Psychology
Dr Jennifer Bowler Experimental Officer
Miss Jessica Brennan Research Student
Associate Tutor
Dr Zhenguang (Garry) Cai Lecturer in Psychology
Ms Michela Caldano Marie Sklodowska-Curie ERS Training PhD Fellow
Research Student
Dr Velia Cardin Lecturer in Psychology
Mr Joe Cassidy Psychology Technician
Professor Jacqueline Collier Executive Dean
Dean of Faculty
Ms Laura Colosimo Research Student
Professor Neil Cooper Professor of Learning and Teaching in Psychology
Professor Kenny Coventry Professor of Psychology
Mrs Astrid Coxon Research Student
Associate Tutor
Miss Rebecca Crago Research Student
Associate Tutor
Dr Stephanie Rossit Lecturer in Psychology