Psychological Perspectives on Autism

        Faculty of Social Science Advanced Training Workshops (2014-15)

Workshop Leader: Dr Martin Doherty

Dates: 8th June 2015, 9.30am-5.00pm;

Venue: Council Chamber, University of East Anglia

Autism is a serious societal issue, estimated to cost the UK £34 billion per year.  The condition is of interest to researchers in many areas of psychology - including the development of individuals with autism, the neurological bases of the condition, and the effects on families of having a child or sibling with autism – and across other social science disciplines such as Education and Social Work.  Autism is also frequently used as a point of comparison for social, perceptual and neurocognitive theories relating to ‘neurotypical’ people and is thus of general psychological interest.

The workshop brings together experts in the field to discuss their research with autism, and the novel and interesting research methods they employ. PGR students from UEA and elsewhere are encouraged to present relevant research.


9.30am  Registration and coffee  
10.00am Welcome and introduction from Dr Martin Doherty


Keynote; Matthew K. Belmonte,

The Com DEALL Trust, Bangalore & Nottingham Trent University

Autism as a Difference of Neural Connectivity

11.10am    Coffee  

Keynote: Atsushi Senju, Birkbeck, University of London

Development of spontaneous social cognition and autism

12.30pm  Lunch and Poster Presentations  

Keynote; Deborah M. Riby, University of Durham

Methods of exploring the atypicality of gaze behaviour in Autism

3.00pm  Tea  

Katy Unwin, Masters in Cognitive Neuroscience, UEA

The effect of autistic-like traits on visual illusions


Irene SperandioUniversity of East Anglia

Size constancy mechanisms in typical individuals with varying degrees of autistic-like traits

4.20pm Poster Prizes and closing discussion  
5pm  Drinks





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