The Secure Base Model can assist all professionals who work with children and families to think about the strengths and difficulties of caregivers and their children. The model may be adapted to be used with the full range of caregivers, including birth parents, kinship carers, foster carers, adoptive parents and residential workers. It is applicable to children and young people at any stage of development and with the full range of abilities.

The model has been recommended in the Government White Paper, Care Matters (2007) as a basis for training foster carers and has subsequently been incorporated in the revised Skills to Foster preparation programme, produced by the Fostering Network. It has also been the focus of a series of practice development workshops in Ireland, Northern Ireland, Spain, Scotland, Australia, Sweden, France, Italy and New Zealand. In Norway the model is being used regularly in foster care practice and is being integrated into their national fostering training programme. Dr Toril Havik, University of Bergen, has set up a website to make the secure base materials available in Norwegian. The website can be viewed by clicking here.

The specific applications of the model are as follows: