The Secure Base model: promoting attachment and resilience

A training programme (5 sessions)

Training Programme (PDF)
Session One PPTs Introduction & Availability
Session Two PPTs Sensitivity
Session Three PPTs Acceptance
Session Four PPTs Co-operation
Session Five PPTs Family Membership


A training programme (1 session)

Training Programme (PDF)
Session One PPTs Secure Base Training Programme


Because caregivers and childcare professionals have found these ideas and resources helpful, we want to make them readily available through this website.

There are two simple conditions for their use:

  • The source of the materials should be acknowledged. That is: Providing a Secure Base, Gillian Schofield and Mary Beek, University of East Anglia, Norwich, UK.
  • The core elements of the Secure Base Model (that is, the model itself and the cycles) should not be changed.