Qingning achieved her first degree in Society, Culture and Media at the University of East Anglia in 2010. After achieving an MA in International Politics and East Asia at the University of Warwick, she returned to the UEA in 2012 and became a PhD student.

Career History

  • Qingning works for the UEA Dean of Students’ Office as a Senior Resident and a Senior Resident Administrative Assistant. Her role specialises in promoting the welfare and well-being of international students residing at the university.

All Publications

Street, J., Zhang, L., Simunjak, M., Wang, Q.


Copyright and Music Policy in China: A Literature Review,

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(Working paper)


Key Research Interests

Qingning’s PhD thesis focuses on the online public sphere in China. She tries to combine the classical public sphere theory with the studies of the Internet in China. She aims to apply the phenomenon of the Internet Mob in China as an example to analyse the institutional criteria and the political functions of the online public sphere in China.

She is also interested in the international relations of China, especially China’s relations with Japan, Hong Kong and Taiwan.