Key Research Interests

Academic overview and research interest

My research explores the political-economy of sovereign rent in Liberia in the immediate aftermath of WWII (1944-1971). It focuses on the role rent played in the dynamic processes of state-building and nation-building. My research adopts a politico-historical approach, and draws significantly upon primary archival sources. Among other research interests are African politics & development, peacebuilding, reconciliation and transitional justice.

Thesis title (provisional)

“Sovereign rent and the making of post-WWII Liberia, 1944-1971: A politico-historical approach to the ‘Rentier State’.”


Dr. Elizabeth Cobbett (primary)

Dr. Lee Jarvis (secondary)

Other academic activities

Assistant Lecturer and Seminar Organizer (SEM1-A/2017/18), IR Course: ‘Shifting Powers: Africa in the 21st Century’, UEA.

Forthcoming research into history of county-level conflicts in Liberia (via ongoing Search for Common Ground project).

Independent research grant application for research into the nexus between national and community-level peacebuilding and conflict-resolution mechanisms in post-1944 Liberia (deadline 5 January 2018).

Upcoming conferences and papers: (a) Liberia Studies Association Conference, April 19-21, 2018, Rochester, NY; (b) Panel discussant at 59th Annual ISA Conference: “Development Banks in a Shifting Global Political Economy”, San Francisco, California, April 4-7, 2018.


Book: Sleh, Toe & Weah (2008). Impunity under Attack: The Evolution and Imperatives of the Liberian Truth Commission. Monrovia and Silver Spring: Civic Initiative.

Academic Peer-Reviewed: Toe, S. (2017). ‘Reassessing the Predicament of Liberia’s Dominant Statutory System in Addressing Issues of Marginalization and Discrimination’, in LDC Anthology: Engendering Collection Action for Advancing Liberia’s Development. Monrovia, Liberia: USAID. (publication forthcoming).

Academic: Toe, S. (2010). “Liberia’s Re-emerging Fault-lines: Revisiting the Dual-citizenship Debate,” in Liberia’s Dual Citizenship Debate: Assessing Patriotism, Loyalty and National Allegiance, May-July 2010, p. 10-18. Dialogue for Democracy Series. Monrovia: Liberia Democracy Watch.

LinkedIn:; Twitter: (@SamuelGToe)