Key Research Interests

I am a 3rd year PhD student. The working title for my thesis is; Jürgen Habermas and Ernesto Laclau, their thoughts on political difference and how we can understand the Left/Right spectrum through an examination of them.

My Primary supervisor is Alan Finlayson. My secondary supervisor is Michael Frazer.

My interests lie mainly at the intersection of Marxist and post-structuralist political theory, with a particular focus on the (re)production of knowledge within the capitalist public sphere. Following from this interest, I study the function of the Left/Right spectrum in organising political space. From Habermas, I have come to appreciate the existence of one public sphere that is tied to the mechanisms of the state through the state’s monopoly on violence. From Laclau, I have come to appreciate the existence of multiple public spheres as discursive systems that structure meaning and makes certain kinds of differences possible. My work, then, is located at the intersection of the discursive and the material and the way in which the Left/Right spectrum both conditions, and is conditioned by, the discursive and material reality.

More recently, my interests have diverged into journalism studies and the structural role of the journalist vis-à-vis the (re)production of knowledge.