Chau started her PhD at the School of Political, Social and International Studies in October 2012.

Moving from the material-based rationalist arguments to the norm-based constructivist perspective, Chau’s project explores not only the lack of an East Asian NATO but also the indigenousness of East Asian countries’ security cooperation and institution building. By considering shared values and common identities, constructivism arguably provides a more comprehensive analysis of East Asian security architecture, aimed at reducing intraregional diversity and encouraging indigenous frameworks of security cooperation through indigenous process of socialization.

Her funded research addresses tensions of constructivist approach which tend to leave the micro-processes of socialization under-explained. It then focuses on the non-military approaches to conflict resolution and the broadening of security-policy debate in the region. Ultimately, the research emphasizes the role of the epistemic community, where interaction of regional agencies so-called norm entrepreneurs, and regional identity building, are most concentrated.

The project’s theoretical focus will be supplemented by the case study of the ASEAN Regional Forum (ARF) and ASEAN network of Institutes of Strategic and International Studies (ASEAN ISIS), which offer fora for multilateral security dialogue with the participation of almost all major regional and global powers. Their persistence can be explained that they are primarily mechanisms created by East Asian countries for East Asia security.

Chau has been working in academia settings since 2008 as a junior lecturer and researcher at Department of International Politics and Diplomacy, of the Diplomatic Academy of Vietnam. In 2010, she was offered the Erasmus Mundus MAPP, a double-MA-degree-programme funded by the European Commission, and acted as the Student Representative for the 2010/11 academic year.

Chau's wider research interests include International Relations Theory, Comparative Politics and Critical Security studies. Alongside this, Chau teaches Global Politics and also helps to organize Postgraduate Symposium in Politics.

Career History

  • Junior lecturer and Researcher, Diplomatic Academy of Vietnam, Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Assisted and delivered lectures in International Relations History. Liaised with the finance department; distributing payslips, handling transactions and organizing social events.

  • On-call Interpreter and Liaison Officer, Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Live interpreter for conferences and events; translated foreign letters and documents (written in English) into Vietnamese, and vice versa.

Addressed delegates’ queries and organised administrative/diplomatic protocols.

  • Associate Tutor, School of Politics, Social and International Studies

Instructing seminars for Global Politics 1 Module

Academic Background

  • 2012 – current PhD candidate in Politics, University of East Anglia

Building East Asia's security: a constructivist analysis of epistemic socialization and regional multilateralism

Supervision team: Dr. Adriana Sinclair and Dr. Simon Curtis.

  • 2011 – 2012 Masters of Arts in International Relations, University of Barcelona

Erasmus Mundus MAPP scholarship

  • 2010 – 2011 Masters of Arts in Public Policy and Administration, University of York

Erasmus Mundus MAPP scholarship

  • 2004 – 2008 Bachelor of Arts in International Relations (Hons), Diplomatic Academy of Vietnam.

Key Research Interests

International Security, Public Policy, NATO, East Asia studies, Russia and former-Soviet Politics.          

Teaching Interests

Global studies, Security studies, international relations theory

Administrative Posts

  • Vietnam International Student Ambassador, UEA International Office and INTO UEA

Welcomed international student arrivals and conducted phone calls to potential students.

Monitored UEA email account for Vietnam, designed and produced promotion clips and updated social networking websites.

  • Exam Invigilator and Steward, UEA General Enquiries Exams

Provided services for university Undergraduate/Postgraduate exams.