Key Research Interests

Ph.D. student in Politics at the University of East Anglia. Her research focuses on girls’ and women’s fandom, feminist praxis and cultural production on the microblogging and social networking website Tumblr. Her provisional thesis title is “Fandom and the Fourth Wave” and she is supervised by Dr Helen Warner, Professor John Street, and Dr Tom Phillips. Her research interests more broadly include feminist media studies, popular culture, digital cultures, and fan studies. She is an Associate Tutor on undergraduate modules on gender studies and digital media. She is a member of the international research team conducting the Game of Thrones Research Project, and a member of the Fan Studies Research Network.


Hannell, B. (2017). Restoring the Balance: Feminist Meta-Texts and the Productivity of Tumblr's Game of Thrones Fans. In Kavita Mudan Finn (Ed.), Fan Phenomena: Game of Thrones. Bristol: Intellect Books. pp. 70-81.