An opportunity to work for external organizations An opportunity to work for external organizations

Modules taking part in the 2016-17 Professional Practice Scheme

Translation Work Experience – Students worked with international heritage institutions, translating their literature to reach a wider audience.

Gender and Power – Students participated in the International Day of the Girl Norwich event, writing reports.

International Organisations – Students volunteered for a non-profit organisation for which they produced a report.

Language, Culture and Thought – Students had the opportunity to share the findings of their final essay on a radio programme on FutureRadio.

Parliamentary and Public Policy Research Placements – students were paired up with an MP, MEP, non-parliamentary organisation (such as pressure groups, think tanks, NGOs, local government) who mandated a report on topic of interest.

Discourse and Power – Students worked with a health-related charity, revising their awareness-raising literature.

Introduction to Political Communication – Students acted as mock image-consultants for local politicians or groups. The best reports were sent to the ‘clients’.

Translation (English to French) – Groups of students took part in a competition where they translated a book extract. All groups received feedback from professional translators, and the winning group translated the whole book as part of the Made in Translation project.

Introduction to Public Service Interpreting - Students worked with young doctors and health professionals, providing them with experience on how to interact with patients via the mediation of an interpreter.

More Information

If you would like more information on the scheme, or if you would like to produce a piece for an external organisation as part of one of your modules, please let your module organiser know, or contact