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“Before you are a leader, success is all about growing yourself.

When you become a leader, success is all about growing others.”


PPL offers a unique extracurricular programme to a selected group of 25 students a year. This hands-on programme is all about tapping into and developing potential leadership characteristics, qualities and practice. It is about instilling a Can Do attitude by:

  • Exploring the concept of leadership in structured discussions
  • Talking to and learn from people who are in leadership positions, whether on a local, national or international level
  • Taking part in an inspirational trip to learn about leadership in practice
  • Developing leadership skills, habits and attributes in hands-on interactive workshops and activities
  • Building a network of like-minded people
  • Practising Public Speaking
  • Putting all this learning into action by organising a final event such as the public speaking competition as part of World Speech Day (for more detail, see http://www.worldspeechday.com/)

Previous participants said that:

Good leadership skills stem from confidence and experience; as a young person, neither of these are easy to possess as norms dictate the majority of leaders should be abundant in years above anything else.

Being a part of the Future Leaders project encouraged me to embrace leadership characteristics, and feel empowered to exhibit these in the workplace, without feeling as if I should be concealing them simply because I am young.

Not only has this furthered my career, it has meant I’ve felt confident enough to hold events, and speak about my experience in the Third Sector with people from all walks of life, spreading awareness and starting vital conversations.

Kit Elmes – Future Leaders project 2015, who in 2016, at the age of 21 became the youngest senior person on the Red Cross Innovation Team

https://twitter.com/Kit_Elmes or https://www.linkedin.com/in/kit-elmes-a7a302132/

The Future Leaders programme has opened many doors on campus, and in my personal life. Not only has it given me an opportunity to travel around the country to meet new like-minded people and extend my network, it has also helped me a great deal in developing my leadership skills. Through training, discussion, debate, public speaking and event-hosting, the Future Leaders programme has boosted my confidence, helped me develop my organisational skills and taught me how to create and seize opportunities.

It has helped me gain the position as President of the UEA Rowing Club, and make my mark on campus and the university. I want to encourage as many as possible to apply, and join us in our effort to create the leaders of tomorrow!


Edvin Nordheim Edvardsen | UEA - PPL International Relations BA, President - UEA Boat Club- Future Leader 2015

Previously to UEA, I was unable to speak publicly, blotted with a lack of confidence, a stutter, and an all-round unconvincing body presence; I tended to keep away from situations that placed me the centre of attention with no safety net. Beth repeatedly supported me in overcoming this, be it convincing me to attend speaking events, competitions or training she was extremely persistent and involved in my progress. It was through her directly helping rehearse and edit my speech that I was privileged enough to speak at a TEDx Norwich,


This summer I also secured an internship at The Independent and had two of my articles published.


Jack Ashton- March 2017 - First year PPL student and Future Leader 2016


Future Leaders began as I was entering my third year of studying Media with Politics within the school of PPL. I had already developed my desire to get involved in as much as possible at university and the programme attracted me by offering the chance to develop my public speaking and project development skills. I went to become a Student Officer at the Students' Union and now work daily in a small team making big decisions with ease.

I remember one event with my Future Leader colleagues, sitting at a Youth Leadership celebration dinner with Jeremy Hunt MP on one table and Preet Gill MP on another and watching Jon Snow (Channel 4 News) present awards to young people who were making big differences in their communities. Those are the type of networking opportunities you just don't get from sitting in the library all day. I always look back on my time with Future Leaders with great joy and I urge every PPL student to apply- you never know where it will take you!"

Amy Rust- Future Leader 2015


During my time on the programme, I have been a part of projects like spreading political awareness on campus by having stalls in the Hive that promoted engagement with politics by asking students about their political fears, hopes and predictions for 2018. I have also developed my public speaking skills by speaking in front on my group each week in an effort to become more confident and dynamic. What I feel like I have gained most out of the programme so far is the opportunity I have had to network with like-minded students from all year groups in PPL at UEA that I otherwise may not have had access to.

Elizabeth Landells Hayward- Future Leader 2017


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