Emma CorsanQualification

BA Philosophy

Date Graduated



Forces of Geek


How has your career developed since graduating?

Since graduating I’ve enjoyed an extremely varied career. For the last five years, I’ve been writing a regular gaming column for pop culture website, Forces of Geek.
My articles have led to other freelance writing work for a variety of other sites
and publications.

In 2009 I co-founded a film production company called Cheesemint Productions. We wrote, directed and produced an online comedy series called Unlocked, gaining us some notoriety within the UK web
series scene.

What is the most rewarding aspect of your current role?

The most rewarding thing so far has to be discovering that I have a regular readership and fan base. It’s great meeting people who feel a personal connection with my work and as an artist, nothing is more gratifying.

What made you decide to study philosophy at UEA?

I knew I had to study at UEA when I saw its beautiful lake and surrounding woodland. Of course I’d also heard great things about Philosophy at UEA, which helped!

What do you enjoy most about your course?

I absolutely adored my course and I was able to focus on a wide variety of philosophical subjects.

Aside from the course itself, I enjoyed the sense of community within the philosophy department. Lecturers felt more like peers and were happy to debate (or passionately argue!) what we’d all learnt at the Student Union Bar in the evenings.

What were the most valuable skills you learnt at UEA?

When undertaking filming projects, it’s important to be prepared for things to go wrong or for situations to change at the last minute. For example, extras might not show or an actor might be ill on the day of shooting or weather might prove difficult to work around. During my studies, I learnt the ability to think up contingencies or problem solve – a skill that has proven extremely useful in my career to date. I find myself approaching ideas at a different angle to the rest of the team and that has been invaluable.

I’m very good at analysing and critically evaluating my own work which is an essential tool for any writer. I’ve been told I’m an excellent communicator – which is in part due to the quantity of philosophical debates I’ve engaged in, I’m sure!

Did you participate in any clubs or societies?

I was president of the Philosophy Society (PhilSoc). I organised talks, chaired debates and invited guest lecturers to speak. definitely had an impact on my career, especially in terms of communicating with and organising large groups of people – something I do when directing. It’s also extremely helpful at networking events and when promoting films at festivals.

Would you recommend studying this course at UEA?

I would absolutely recommend studying Philosophy at UEA. I learnt so much and I’m still in contact with many of my friends, including lecturers.