Our Expertise Our Expertise

We bring together staff and students of politics, international relations, broadcast journalism, media, public policy, philosophy, languages, intercultural communication and translation studies.

Our School based employability programmes supplement our Careers Service and include internships and study visits to Brussels, Geneva, Paris, London and other international centres.

We welcome enquiries about study and research within the School of Politics, Philosophy, Language and Communication Studies, as well as about our Brussels office and what we’re doing to help our students and researchers building relationships at the heart of European governance.

We empower students with attributes and skills to make a significant contribution to society through:

  • Making work experience or project research integral to teaching.
  • Offering work experience where preparatory teaching is not required. 
  • Providing visits to institutions in the public, private and third sectors, in the UK and continental Europe, to supplement class based study and raise awareness of job opportunities.  
  • Embedding employability into teaching to develop skills such as researching effectively, argumentation, making presentations, and thinking critically. These skills should not be taken for granted. They are critical for success in many fields of employment. 
  • Personal Advisers, who encourage students to think about their future and plan for it.
  • Building relationships with government, third and private sectors, and developing these to offer ever more opportunities.