Actively fostering close relations with practitioners and research institutes Actively fostering close relations with practitioners and research institutes

Our researchers investigate various aspects of policy and public management, including competition policy and regulation, environmental policy, policy theory, science and public understanding, electoral institutions, and EU institutions, administration and policy.
They include experts in quantitative and comparative analysis, and undertake research in leadership studies, on electoral management, on comparative, critical and ideational policy analysis, and more widely on policy instruments.
In world-leading research on environmental policy, researchers are in active collaborations via the Tyndall Centre for Climate Change and the UEA 3S Group (Science, Society and Sustainability). 
We actively foster close relations with practitioners and research institutes, and also head a UEA research network policy@uea that brings together UEA colleagues from Philosophy, Business, Medicine and Environmental Science courses to develop collaborative initiatives across the University.


Researchers carrying out work in this field include:

Alan Finlayson
Contemporary social and political theory (particularly theories of radical, pluralist or agonistic democracy), theories of political analysis (especially conceptions of ‘governmentality' and the study of how ideas shape politics), the cultures and ideologies of British Politics (including "Blairism" and "Cameronism") and the theory, history and practice of political rhetoric.

Toby James
Electoral institutions, electoral malpractice, political participation, political leadership, statecraft theory, public administration, theories of the policy process and research methodologies.

Hussein Kassim
The European Commission, the interaction between the EU and the member states, and EU policy in air transport and in competition policy.

John Street
The relationship between copyright and creativity; the politics of popular music; the ‘popularization' of politics; and cultural value and cultural policy.

John Turnpenny
Policy appraisal; use of knowledge in policymaking; use of sustainability impact assessment tools; climate change and society; scenario creation and futures communication; post-normal science and policy; the politics of ‘valuing nature'; knowledge brokerage; use of analytical tools in policy venues.

Current projects

  • Analytical Tools and Policy Venues (Turnpenny)
  • British Political Speech (Finlayson)
  • Effects of Performance Monitoring Schemes on Election Administration (James)
  • The European Commission in Question (Kassim)
  • Ideology and Policies in British Politics (Finlayson)
  • Methods for Assessing National Political Leaders (James)
  • National Competition Policy Regimes (Kassim)
  • National Coordination of EU Policy (Kassim)
  • Policy Analysis and Rhetoric (Finlayson)


Chris Hanretty ‘Public service broadcasting's continued rude health', 25 April 2012, British Academy symposium
Hussein Kassim ‘Putting myths to the test', European Voice, 1 March 2012'