Driven by critical, culturalist and constructivist theories Driven by critical, culturalist and constructivist theories

Critical Global Politics

The Critical Global Politics (CGP) research group at the University of East Anglia houses researchers working across key areas of international politics including migration, foreign policy, political economy, international law, religion, global cities, terrorism, and counter-terrorism.
CGP has two particular research strengths. First is in non-mainstream critical approaches to studying global politics, with special expertise in feminist, constructivist, English School, post-structural and historical materialist approaches. Our second research strength is in critical security studies, broadly conceived. CGP is home to cutting edge work into new approaches to understanding, researching and contesting the ways in which security challenges are framed and managed. Together, these strengths offer a lively and active intellectual environment for academic staff, post-doctoral researchers and postgraduate students.
The regional focus of our research in CGP is diverse and fluid, with current projects focusing on topics including: EU-China relations; the role of global financial centres across Africa; patterns of migration toward Europe; the impacts of transnational urbanism and rise of global cities; and the proscription of terrorist organisations within the United Kingdom. Recent books from members of CGP include: Simon Curtis' Global Cities and Global Order, which will be published by Oxford University Press in 2016, Alexandria Innes' Migration, Citizenship & the Challenge for Security (Palgrave 2015), and Lee Jarvis' Anti-terrorism, Citizenship and Security (Manchester University Press 2015).

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