Key projects Key projects

PSI researchers investigate pressing issues in politics, media and international relations. Here are some of the major externally-funded projects.

British Political Speech 

The British Political Speech website was the outcome of the research project ‘How the Leader Speaks' led by Dr. Alan Finlayson and Dr. Judi Atkins. The main aims of the project were:
  • to provide an accessible resource for all those interested in the history, theory and practice of political speech and rhetoric in the United Kingdom
  • to encourage, support and promote research into British political rhetoric, and to contribute to the better understanding, appreciation and practice of political argument
  • to undertake research into British political rhetoric and argumentation, and demonstrate the importance of such research for the wider study of British Politics.

CREATe is the RCUK centre for copyright and new business models in the creative economy. With an ambitious programme of 40 projects delivered by an interdisciplinary team of academics (law, economics, management, computer science, sociology, psychology, ethnography and critical studies), CREATe is a pioneering academic initiative designed to help the UK cultural and creative industries thrive and become innovation leaders within the global digital economy.

The European Commission in Question

The European Commission has a central role in the European Union, influences the daily lives of EU citizens, and is active in global regulation. In this project, we -- a team of multinational researchers based at five Universities -- collected primary material to answer key questions about the organisation and the people who work for it. ‘The European Commission in Question' (EUCIQ) aims to improve understanding of the Commission among researchers, practitioner communities and the public. In so doing, it tests widely held myths about the organisation and contributes to debates in the scholarly literature.

From Entertainment to Citizenship
From Entertainment to Citizenship was an Economic and Social Research Council project (RES-000-22-2700) that investigated the ways in which first-time voters used popular culture to articulate political attitudes and values, especially in relation to ideas of citizenship. It revealed that news and current affairs were not the only sources of political knowledge, and that entertainment may be both a form of political education and engagement.

Other recent projects include: