Current research students and project summaries Current research students and project summaries

Zakiah Aldeeb

Research project: An investigation into the interaction of power, ideology and discourse in Egyptian newspapers during the Arab spring

Salman Ali Karim

Research project: ‬ Impact of Political Dynamics on Standardization of Language in Iraqi Kurdistan

Henry Allen

Research project: The growth in the political representation of consumer interests, through particular developments in democratic states

Oliver Brooks

Research Project: How identities are constructed, maintained and challenged in contemporary English football culture.

Adrian Bua

Research Project: Beyond the Citizen’s Initiative: Agenda Setting through Public Deliberation in the Sustainable Communities Act

Vanessa Buth

Research project: EU advocacy group professionalization and the implications for group representativeness.

Tori Cann

Research project: Gender performance within youth cultures: how young people learn and regulate gender performance through 'appropriate' articulations of taste

Filiz Coban

Research project: Media and International Relations: the Discursive Construction of Turkish National Identity and Foreign Policy in Turkish Press

Emily Crocker

Research project: Discourses of Cornishness and new media

Suzanne Doyle

Research project: The political, strategic and economic rationale behind the US decision to supply the UK with Trident nuclear missiles, 1979 – 1982.

Viviane Lucia Fluck

Research project: Public Media and Natural Disaster Management

Juliette Harkin

Research Project: The role of the media among the causes of the Syrian revolution

Kate Maguire

Research Topic: Contemporary reform of the British welfare state: A critical feminist perspective.

Hazel Marsh

Research project: Popular music and political change in contemporary Venezuela

Roger Morfey

Research Project: UK training policy and the implementation of skills strategies at sub-national levels.

Ghandy Najla

Research project: Syrian Foreign Policy towards the United States: A Critical Approach

Nansata Saliah Yakubu

Research Project: The ECOWAS Parliament as a tool for Conflict Prevention in West Africa

Maja Simunjak

Research project: The personalisation of politics in communist and post-communist societies – the Croatian case in comparative perspective

Paul Stott

Research project: My PhD concerns the involvement of small number of UK Muslims in violence, at home and abroad, over the past three decades.

Qingning Wang

Research project: The Internet mob in China