Staff members and their interests Staff members and their interests

Paul Bernal (LAW)
Internet related issues: privacy, surveillance, freedom of expression and other human rights.

Alexander Brown (PSI)
Policy interests: free speech regulation; sport policy; human dignity in care; the welfare state; policies of social justice

Sara Connolly (NBS)
Employment policy, education, gender, equality, policy evaluation

James Cornford (NBS)
Multi-agency organisational change in the public sector, organisational change associated with information and communication technologies, regional development processes and management in the cultural and creative industries.

Kevin Daniels (NBS)
Employment policy with respect to health and safety at work (Management Standards for Work-Related Stress), some interest in skills and innovation (BIS) as these relate to job design.

Alan Finlayson (PSI)
Arguments and debates about policy making and policy detail.

Amelia Fletcher (NBS)
Effect of behavioural economics and online markets for competition and consumer policy

Ruth Hancock (MED)
Interface economics and social policy, financial provision in old age.

Chris Hanretty (PSI)
Institutional design, and in particular the design of non-majoritarian institutions like regulators and broadcasters. Judicial behaviour, and in particular the patterns of dissent on new constitutional courts in Central and Eastern Europe.

Michael Hamilton (LAW)
Human rights law – in particular, projects with a focus on freedom of assembly or freedom of expression

Michael Harker (LAW)
Competition law, but in particular merger law and public enforcement. Regulation of the media and aspects of administrative law

Morten Hviid (LAW)
Competition policy and regulation.

Toby James (PSI)
Public administration of elections - evaluating the effects of policy instruments such as performance management within elections using the public admin/management literature

Andy Jordan (ENV)
Policy instruments, policy innovation and policy feedback, mostly related to environment and climate change

Hussein Kassim (PSI)
EU policy and institutions.  Competition policy, aviation policy and policy co-ordination

Emily Laidlaw (LAW)
Digital human rights, Internet regulation, media law and corporate social responsibility

Yann Lebeau (EDU)
Higher Education policy and academic identities.  Impact of funding schemes on patterns of collaborative research.

Karina Nielson (NBS)
Employment policy related to psychosocial risk management and competencies in innovation due to my interests in organisational change and interventions

Georgia Philip (SWK)
Fathering after separation and divorce. Child placement and protection

Claudina Richards (LAW)
EC Law and French Law.

Tom Shakespeare (MED)
Disability policy, welfare reform and also has extensive practical experience in relation to international policy organisations

Nikos Skoutaris (LAW)
EU Law, Comparative Constitutional Law, Federalism, EU External Relations Law, European Neighbourhood Policy, Conflict Resolution, South East Europe, Cyprus, Greece, Turkey

John Turnpenny (PSI)
Public policy and public management.  Environment and sustainable development. Politics of evidence.

Catherine Waddams (NBS)
Economic reform and regulation, Economics of energy, Consumer behaviour, The role of consumers in competition policy

Julie Young (SWK)<
Child protection, care proceedings, foster care and adoption, support for birth families