A selection of some of our key publications from 2008 - current A selection of some of our key publications from 2008 - current


Toby James and Charles Clarke

British Labour Leaders (2015) Biteback Publishing

Alan Finlayson

Rhetoric in British Politics and Society (2015) Palgrave Macmillan

John Turnpenny

The Tools of Policy Formulation (2015) Edward Elgar Publishing

Alexander Brown

Hate Speech Law (2015) Routledge

Lee Jarvis

Security: A Critical Introduction (2015) Palgrave Macmillan

Anti-terrorism, Citizenship and Security (2015) Manchester University Press

Alexandria Innes

Migration, Citizenship and the Challenge for Security (2015) Palgrave Macmillan


Toby James:

James, T. (2014) Electoral Management in Britain In: Advancing Electoral Integrity. Oxford University Press (Chapter) 

James, T. (2014) Neo-Statecraft Theory, Historical Institutionalism and Institutional Change in Government and Opposition UEA Repository  (Article) 

Michael Skey:

Skey, M. (2014) The mediation of nationhood : Communicating the world as a world of nations in Communication Theory 24. pp. 1-20 Full Text UEA Repository (Article) 

Skey, M. (2014) 'What nationality he is doesn't matter a damn!' : Football, mediated identities and conditional cosmopolitanism in National Identities UEA Repository  (Article) 

Skey, M. (2014) Farage is right : It's not just about the economy, stupid! ()  Skey, M. (2013) Why do nations matter? The search for belonging and security in an uncertain world in The British Journal Of Sociology 64. pp. 81-98 Full Text UEA Repository  (Article) 

Barbara Goodwin:

Goodwin, B., ideologies, political ideas (2014) Using Political Ideas John Wiley and Sons ISBN 9781118708385 UEA Repository  (Book) 


Elizabeth Cobbett:

Cobbett, E. (2013) Johannesburg: Financial ‘Gateway' to Africa In: The Power of Cities in International Relations. Routledge UEA Repository (Chapter)

Cobbett, E. (2013) Making the international in contemporary South Africa MasterCard's Biometric Social Grant Card In: Making Things International. University of Minnesota Press UEA Repository (Chapter)

Cobbett, E., Friesen, E. (2013) Motsepe's Gift: or how Philanthropy serves Capitalism in South Africa In: Selected Themes in African Studies Vol 1. UEA Repository (Chapter)

Alan Finlayson:

Finlayson, A. (2013) Critique and Political Argumentation in Political Studies Review 11. pp. 313-320 Full Text UEA Repository  (Article)

Finlayson, A. (2013) Preface in Political Studies Review 11. pp. 311-312 Full Text UEA Repository  (Article)

Johan Franzen:

Franzen, J. (2013) Iraq Ten Years On - Was It Worth It? in The Huffington Post UEA Repository  (Article)

Chris Hanretty:

Hanretty, C. (2013) Haves and Have-Nots before the Law Lords in Political Studies Full TextUEA Repository (Article) 

Mehta, J. (ed.), Fatas, E., Fletcher, A., Hargreaves-Heap, S., Harker, M., Hanretty, C., Hviid, M., Lyons, B., Mariuzzo, F., Sugden, R., Waddams, C., Zhu, M., Mehta, J. (2013) Behavioural Economics in Competition and Consumer Policy ESRC Centre for Competition Policy UEA Repository  (Book) 

David Hughes:

Hughes, D. (2013) "Liberal Warfare: A Crusade Twice Removed," in International Studies Review 15. pp. 351-373 Full TextUEA Repository (Article) 

Alexandria Innes:

Innes, A. (2013) International Migration as Criminal Behaviour : Shifting Responsibility to the Migrant in Mexico-US Border Crossings in Global Society 27. pp. 237-260 Full Text UEA Repository  (Article) 

Innes, A., Steele, B. (2013) Memory, Trauma and Ontological Security In: Memory and Trauma in International Relations. London: Routledge (Chapter (peer-reviewed))

Toby James:

James, T. (2013) United Kingdom: Electoral Governance in Transition? In: Electoral Management Design Handbook. International IDEA UEA Repository  (Chapter) 

James, T. (2013) Electoral Registration Changes Hit a Set-Back: A New Way Forward ()  James, T. (2013) Individual electoral registration still needs a lot of work, if it is not to be a car crash for British democracy  

James, T. (2013) Fixing failures of U.K. electoral management in Electoral Studies 32. pp. 597-608 Full Text UEA Repository  (Article) 

James, T. (2013) Fixing elections: What the U.S. can learn from Britain ()  James, T. (2013) Benchmarking Standards of UK Elections In: Benchmarking for Improvement. Solace (Society of Local Authority Chief Executives) Foundation Imprint UEA Repository  (Chapter) 

Hussein Kassim:

Lyons, B., Kassim, H. (2013) The New Political Economy of EU State Aid Policy in The European Union and State Aid Policy: Evolution and Impact, Special Issue of Journal of Industry, Competition and Trade 13. pp. 1-22 Full Text UEA Repository (Article) 

Kassim, H., Lyons, B. (2013) EU State Aid Policy: Evolution and Impact (Special Issue) in Journal of Industry Competition and Trade pp. 1-22 UEA Repository  (Article) 

Kassim, H., Peterson, J., Connolly, S., Dehousse, R., Hooghe, L., Thompson, A. (2013) The European Commission of the Twenty-First Century Oxford University Press ISBN 978-0-19-959952-3 UEA Repository  (Book) 

Lee Marsden:

Marsden, L. (2013) Faith-based diplomacy : Conservative Evangelicals and the United States Military in Politics and Religion pp. 1-24 Full Text UEA Repository  (Article) 

Marina Prentoulis:

Prentoulis, M., Thomassen, L. (2013) Political Theory in the Square: Protest, Representation and Subjectification in Contemporary Political Theory UEA Repository (Article) 

Michael Skey:

Skey, M. (2014) Farage is right : It's not just about the economy, stupid! ()  Skey, M. (2013) Why do nations matter? The search for belonging and security in an uncertain world in The British Journal Of Sociology 64. pp. 81-98 Full Text UEA Repository  (Article) 

Skey, M. (2013) What does it mean to be cosmopolitan? : An examination of the varying meaningfulness and commensurability of everyday 'cosmopolitan' practices in Identities: Global Studies in Culture & Power 20. pp. 235-252 Full Text UEA Repository  (Article) 

Skey, M. (2013) Belonging and entitlement : Britain's ‘ethnic majority' and the rise of UKIP ()  Skey, M. (2013) Older, anxious and white : Why UKIP are the English Tea Party ()  Skey, M. (2013) UKIP and the new generational divide

John Street:

Street, J. (2013) Music, markets and manifestos in International Journal of Cultural Policy 19. pp. 281-297 Full TextUEA Repository (Article) 

Street, J., Inthorn, S., Scott, M. (2013) Entertainment to citizenship: Politics and popular culture Manchester University Press UEA Repository  (Book) 

Street, J. (2013) The Sound of Geopolitics : Popular Music and Political Rights in Popular Communication 11. pp. 47-57 Full Text UEA Repository  (Article) 

Street, J., Inthorn, S., Scott, M. (2013) From Entertainment to Citizenship; Politics and Popular Culture. Manchester University Press ISBN 978-0-7190-8538-3 UEA Repository  (Book)

John Turnpenny:

Turnpenny, J., Russel, D., Rayner, T. (2013) The complexity of evidence for sustainable development policy : Analysing the boundary work of the UK parliamentary environmental audit committee in Transactions of the Institute of British Geographers 38. pp. 586-598 Full TextUEA Repository (Article) 

Russel, D., Turnpenny, J., Rayner, T. (2013) Reining in the executive? Delegation, evidence, and parliamentary influence on environmental public policy in Environment and Planning C: Government and Policy 31. pp. 619-632 Full Text UEA Repository  (Article) 

Podhora, A., Helming, K., Adenäuer, L., Heckelei, T., Kautto, P., Reidsma, P., Rennings, K., Turnpenny, J., Jansen, J. (2013) The policy-relevancy of impact assessment tools : Evaluating nine years of European research funding in Environmental Science & Policy 31. pp. 85-95 Full Text UEA Repository  (Article) 

Weiland, S., Weiss, V., Turnpenny, J. (2013) Introduction : Science in Policy Making in Nature and Culture 8. pp. 1-7 Full Text UEA Repository  (Article) 

Helen Warner:

Warner, H. (2013) Fashion, celebrity and cultural workers: SJP as cultural intermediary in Media, Culture & Society 35. pp. 382-391 Full Text UEA Repository (Article) 

Suzanne Doyle:

Doyle, S. (2013), 'Book Review: Nuclear Statecraft: History and Strategy in America's Atomic Age' History, 98: 495–497.

Neil Macmaster:

Macmaster, N. (2013) Inside the FLN: the Paris massacre and the French Intelligence Service ()  

Macmaster, N. (2013) The Roots of Insurrection : The Role of the Algerian Village Assembly (Djemâa) in Peasant Resistance, 1863–1962 in Comparative Studies in Society and History 55. pp. 419-447 Full Text UEA Repository  (Article) 

Macmaster, N. (2013) Des Révolutionnaires Invisibles : Les femmes Algériennes et l'organisation de la « Section des Femmes » du FLN en France métropolitaine in Revue d Histoire Moderne et Contemporaine 59. pp. 164-190 (Book/Film/Article review)  

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