A degree in Politics, International Relations or Media and Society makes you highly employable A degree in Politics, International Relations or Media and Society makes you highly employable

To the question: what has a degree in politics International Relations or Media, Culture and Society got to do with working in the private sector, in the civil service, in retail management or wherever? -  the answer is EVERYTHING! 

A degree with us makes a real difference.  

We develop critical thinking, students are encouraged to challenge the norm and to use evidence to support argument. Some modules develop the ability to think and argue in the abstract and others offer insight and experience directly related to major spheres of employment for example in journalism, working at the international level, in politics and government.  We help students to differentiate themselves and impress potential employers. To do this, a broad range of support is given from employability skills development embedded in module teaching to opportunities for study trips to internships and from voluntary work to graduate internship programmes.  

Presenting arguments, based on good research preparation, identifying issues and solutions, finding new ideas and ways of doing things, negotiating and finding solutions to problems are all skills highly prized by graduate employers.  Our degrees are about debating, listening and thinking, persuading – and about making a difference.  Teamwork, talking and understanding, and especially listening are what we do week in week out.  Stretching the mind; pushing students to new levels. Passion. These skills transfer to the workplace. Such  ‘soft’ skills must not be under estimated - they build confidence and authority in our students, are at the very heart of our degree courses and are what employers want.

Extensive programmes of guest speakers supplement core teaching and introduce students to careers in politics, the civil service, local government, journalism, broadcast media, politics, and international relations to name a few.  Not only do these provide networking opportunities but they also open horizons.

Our graduates go on to careers in a wide range of professions. This is a key benefit of studying the humanities. From politics to television, journalism to marketing; the civil service and local government to teaching – the occupations pursued by PPL students are highly varied.  Policing and  the probation service, the legal profession,  armed forces, accountancy, the diplomatic service, business and commerce…  the list of occupations goes on.

Graduate Robert Slater shares his experiences.

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