External Speakers- Spring 2016 External Speakers- Spring 2016

All seminars take place on Wednesdays and start at 4pm in Arts 3.03, with the exception of the half-day symposium which will be running from 11am until 5.30pm in the Queen's building, room 01.11.

20 January- 'Branded Gentry:elite social reproduction in the twenty-first century'. Daniel Smith (Anglia Ruskin)

3 February- 'Rethinking election debates: what citizens are entitled to expect'. Gile Moss (Leeds)

17 February- 'Gender and Peacebuilding at the UN'. Laura Shepherd (New South Wales)

2 March- 'Environmental conflict/governance' Mark Zeitoun (UEA)

13 April- 'Refugee and exile communities in the Arab world' Mezna Qato (Cambridge)

27 April- Media, Politics & Activism (half day symposium) featuring key note speeched from Natalie Fenton (Goldsmiths) and David Mead (UEA)

For further information, contact Michael Skey